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Essential Tips To Grow Beard For The First Time

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Walking down the street on a sunny, busy day and looking at the elegantly crafted beards of many, might have given you the urge of growing one of your own. Or maybe you thought, enough is enough, ‘it’s time to get and be manly.’ But how do you grow a beard that catches the attention of people around you?

Letting a beard grow is not a matter of putting down the razor and watching it grow. Perhaps, it’s rather more difficult then you might actually know and understand. The fact is, having a great burgeoning beard is a matter of proper grooming and discipline habits. Yes, nature will take its course and give you facial hair. But it is you, who will have to nurture the nature’s gift. So if you aspire and desire to have a beard, why not start now? There is no better time than the time we live in – which the Present.

Following are the simple steps to grow a beard successfully. Read the full know how before you dive into the world of beards.

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1. Know the End Prize

Before you take on anything new, there has to be a motive and a motivation to achieve it. Unless you have the clearly defined end prize and the road to achieve it, chances are more, that you will digress from the goals somewhere in between your journey. Just not with beards, but to achieve anything in life, you need to have clear goals and a defined path to achieve that goal. Beards are no different. Know the end prize. Think about the purpose and reason behind growing the beard.

It might be because you think it is time for you to be manly, and having a beard will help you convey that message to the people. Or maybe it is the scars on your face that you want to hide beneath the dense facial hairs. Perhaps it’s because your love partner asked you to give it a try and see if it creates intimacy in your relationship. Or maybe you are just delighted by seeing other people carry a beard and want to try it out for yourself.

Whatever might be the reason, it is important to know it and then have the belief to be able to sustain through the journey of growing and grooming the beard.

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2. Accept Your Genetics

Not everyone functions the same way. People differ from each other, and so does their genetics. It is possible to have a person who has a faster rate of growth, for masculinity and facial hair. But for you it might be happening slowly, but gradually. It is possible that you have a low growth rate, and facial hair thickness. But that is okay. Learn to work with it, rather than getting demotivated.

Not everyone’s’ biology and genetics are the same on this Earth. Your face structure might be different and not suitable to sport a beard. But it is what it is. Don’t get disheartened, rather work to improve and ultimately get over the barriers, which the genetics has thrown towards you.

Don’t give up on growing a beard because your growth rate is less as compared to others. Do not think that you might not be able to grow a flourishing beard ever in your life. No, it doesn’t work that way. You will get facial hair but over an increased period of time. Thus, accept what God has given you, and develop a plan for your exciting journey of growing a beard.

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3. Have Patience

Rome wasn’t built in one day, and beards won’t grow in a day either. Nature takes its course, and it will certainly take the required amount of time to give you facial hairs. You will be required to go through a lot of stuff during this time. Itchiness, strange look on your face, dryness and so many other things. But it is the price to have a beard. Give the beard time to grow.

Let the facial hair grow initially. Give it at least 3 – 4 weeks of time without any shaving or cutting. Just let it grow. Once you have ample amount of facial hair, you can make use of the trimmers to cut and shape it nicely and neatly. But only trim it, if you know how to do it. The chances are, you might cut it down more than required, and then you realize that you are back to square one. So, if you don’t know how to trim, go to a barber shop to get it done.

Also, after the initial four weeks, you can decide whether to let it grow or shave it down completely based on the look you think is suitable for you. However, all said and done, give yourself at least one month time before you decide to try anything out of anxiety or irritation.

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4. Wash, Condition and Trim Your Beard

Grooming is the essential thing when it comes to beard maintenance. It has already been said, having a beard is not as easy as it might seem from the outset. Everything needs to go through proper channels and process. It is important for you to know the key to washing, conditioning and trimming your beard.

Try to wash your beards at least 3-4 times a week. This will help to keep the beard soften and free of dust and allergies. Just wash it, as you would do with your head hairs. Dig in deep and rinse through it completely. Conditioning the beard with beard oil and balm will keep the beard hydrated and will avoid any itchiness it causes to the skin.

It is important not to let the skin become dry underneath your beard. Doing so will also remove any dandruff present on the beards. Trimming the beard is essential to give it a proper look and do some finishing touches to make it look more elegant.

Use any of the so many quality products out there in the market, to maintain the quality in your beard.

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5. Maintain Healthy Lifestyle

The growth of human body depends upon the quality of life he or she lives. Beards are no different. Good eating habits, proper sleeping schedule, and a stress-free lifestyle are the keys to unlock the great beard. Do regular exercise. This will help to increase testosterone, which in turn helps to increase the rate at which facial hair grows. Doing exercise also improves the rate at which blood flows in the body. Proper blood circulation maintains skin tone, which in turn doesn’t let the skin become dry quickly.

Good diets are full of protein. Proteins help to increase testosterone, which helps to maintain the quality of beards, as discussed above.

Stress is the most common issue among youth and thus resulting in aging quickly. A proper good night sleep helps to reduce stress. So sleep properly, in case you think you must have a great flourishing beard. A healthy lifestyle is really important and crucial for the nourishment and maintenance of your beard. And the sooner you know and understand this, the better it will be for your beard.

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5. Choose a Beard Style

Choosing a style of beard is a matter of time you have to spend on it. If time is the constraint and not the luxury that you can spend on beards, choosing the simple and yet elegant style is the best thing you can do. You do not want to end up in a position, where you cannot take care of proper grooming methods for your beard and eventually overlook it. In such cases, the beard will look clumsy, instead of elegant.

You should also consider your face shape while choosing a beard style for yourself, because not all beard styles look good on every face shape.

You must also know how much you’re ready to spend on your beard. It is also one of the factors while choosing a beard style. Some beard style may require higher maintenance than the others. So know the limits you are ready to spend on beards and then take up the beard challenge. After all, living is more essential than having a beard. Depending on all such and various other factors, you can decide to take up the style that matches your requirement perfectly.

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Wrapping Up

Beards are fun and elegant if you take good care and spend the required amount of time on it. Nothing comes free, and beards are no different. There’s a price that you need to pay. And this price is the time and effort that beards require from you. Use beard oil and balms to keep them hydrated and to remove the dryness of the skin. Shampoo your beard regularly and trim them properly to add shape, elegance, and finesse to beards. And until you realize you will have a burgeoning beard that will be admired and adored by many on the streets.

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