10 Reasons Why This Generation Is Obsessed With Beards

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From an evolutionary point of view, why do you think people grow facial hairs? Is it dominance, laziness or vanity? Or is it some other reason altogether. Studies suggest that people like to grow beards to make their presence and dominance felt among others and in a group of people. A study by Nigel Barber revealed that if the men were single and not married, they were more involved in grooming a beard as compared to married men.

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1. Aggression and Dominance

The word on the street out there is that men with beards are older, stronger and more aggressive than the one that does not have beards. Men also think to believe that having a beard with attractive their female counterpart and will give them the love of their life. However, studies also suggest that, though women get attracted by bearded men‘s, they prefer to date a cleanly shaved person. The reason of which is still unknown, but yes, that is the basic tendency of women. Not completely sure why they do so, but the truth has been told and prevailed for a long time.

Think of it like this; there are two guys at a bar. One is shy, and other is outgoing. One has a beard, and other does not. The shy guy sits at the back of the bar, while the bearded person greets the girl. Who has a better chance of scoring a girl? Obviously, the one who greets her.

But look at this way. Don’t you think the girl would think that shy guy would be more loyal to her than the one who goes to random girls and flirt with them? Yes, probably. And thus the reason why girls are attracted to a bearded man but want to date a cleanly shaved person. Because it gives them a sense of loyalty and uncompromised love feeling. However, this all remains to be a speculation. There are no studies nor any science behind the claims.

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2. Because the King had a Beard

Remember the times, when there used to be kingdoms and kings all around the world. There was something common among all those kings. Yes, it is right. It’s the beard. All those kingdoms had a king who sported a beard. Because it was seen as a sign of their manliness. If you are kind and you did not have a beard, then the ruler was termed not fit to rule the kingdom. And the only kind that I remember, not having a beard, was the king of hearts in a deck of cards.

Thus it is quite possible, that people now days want to wear a bearded look just to let others know that they have grown in stature and power. They feel it is a sign which conveys the appropriate message to a different section of people.

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3. To be the at the Center Point of Conversation

Some men also grow beards because of the fun and elegant part involved in it. Beards certainly enhance the look of a person, doesn’t it? Ask ten different people and nine out of those ten will certainly say, yes to the above question. Walking around the streets and looking elegant in their beards is the thing which is going around for quite some time now.

So yes, people who want to gain traction, grow a beard and gain attraction from people. Because all they ever wanted was an attraction. And we are living in such an age, where people might do anything for attraction. So if they desire to be the talking point among their friends, they will certainly do a thing that is the buzz in the city.

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4. Because it is the Trend

There are quite a few people in the world, and even you would know a handful of those, who will do anything that is the current trend. From wearing the bell bottom to having long funky hair, and going to the beards, they will adapt themselves to anything that is the current trend. They walk out on the street and see a few people sporting a beard, and before you realize anything, it becomes their New Year resolution to achieve it.

It doesn’t matter if it is the first day of the year or not, but they start working on it as if it was their New Year’s resolution. They will do it for a while and then change with the new trend. Yes, there are people who follow the herd mentality and keep going wherever the trends take them.

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5. People are Lazy

It requires a lot of time and effort to get up, get your shaving cream out, use a razor and blade and then stroke the facial hairs with it. And who with the sanity of their mind have so much time to spend on beards.

It is said, on an average, men can save up to 3350 hours if does not shave all throughout his life. Now that’s a lot of eating, sleeping, and conversing time. So think for a while before you decide to pick up your shaving kit the next time.

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6. Hiding Your Face

A lot of people sport a beard because they have some kind of spot or a scar on their face. So to keep it hidden away from the world, they decide to put on a beard and get rid of the blemish, once and for all. It is actually a good reason to have a beard.

Some people who hate sunlight and skin tan, also take the route of beards to help protect them from the natures delight. To be honest, a beard can help you keep a tan free face and dirt free at the same time. There are a lot of advantages of to let grow the facial hair.

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7. Peer Pressure

Many of the men out there are just forced to have a beard. Each day when they walk into their office space, their colleagues and peers constantly nag behind them and ask them to have a beard and walk the talk of the town. Even if they don’t like the idea of sporting a beard, they forced so much that they ultimately decide to keep one and get away from the constant nagging each day that the peers do in their office. Though there are people who kept the beard initially because of peer pressure, with time, they started liking the idea and eventually thanked the group that forced the issue on them.

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8. Hydrated Skin

People who have the problem of dry and itchy skin, prefer beards more because it helps them to keep their skin tone hydrated and nourished. Constant shaving can lead to red spots on the skin and may result in dryness. Thus they choose the option of not shaving and keeping their skin smooth and soothing. This is also one of the most preferred reasons for people to have a beard in this generation.

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9. Filtered Air

People who have allergies and whose immune system is not perfect tend to prefer a beard. Also when people constantly get a running nose because of the dirt and pollution around, they take the bearded route. Beards act as a filter and don’t let the dust and pollution reach to your nostrils. This in return keeps the sneezing and running nose away from them. This is not a myth. Thick beard does help to keep the running nose away from you.

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10. It looks Amazing

This generation is involved in going with the fashion and following the fashion statements. And there is no doubt that, beards look amazing and gives an overwhelming look on your face. It enhances the overall quality and appearance of the body and face structure. Many people try and lose weight because they want to have their beard look great on their face. Some people also go for the bearded look, because they were simply bored by their old look and wanted to try out something new fashionable and cool.

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Wrapping Up

The reason for people to grow the beard are varied and to be honest a little absurd as well. So what do you think? Does any of this reason relate to you? Are you lazy or were you inspired by the look of that King you saw or heard the story of? Or the reason you thought to grow the beard isn’t there at all in the list?

Though absurd, but all these reasons make some kind of sense if you sit and think about it. Because all of them have their own advantages, to be honest. And looking at the pros, if the non-bearded person might think twice before he decides to make use of the shaving kit next time.

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