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7 Reasons Why Beards Are Amazing

Beards possess the ability to speak up for themselves. They lay down the testament to power, wisdom, style, and status of the man that carries it. Beard has the power to demand respect from others.

Thus, it is solely your choice to decide which fraternity you want to be a part of? Do you want to be cleanly shaven? Or you want yourself to separate from the herd and rise above the masses and become a man that you were destined to be?

Majority of the man in their early 20’s and 30’s, and even 40’s want to be bad to the bone. And we can certainly acclaim that has a beard of extraordinary proportion is a way to attain it.

If for some reason, you think that beards are cliché and have no real attractiveness, and it is just the people who are making a big thing out of it, maybe can try and look what science has to say about it.

A number of different research studies have been conducted on this particular topic. Believe it or not, most of these studies show that facial hair has a strong influence on the way people think about you and your socio-sexual attributes.

Thus proving that it is not just word of mouth, but has actual science behind it.

Being said all of these, do you know what makes beard so attractive and amazing? Here are a few reasons, that a wide of range of people weighed their opinion on, out of which we have created an exclusive list for you. And once you are through with the list, you are definitely going to want to increase your facial hairs, if you already don’t have one.

1. Beards are a true sign of masculinity and history proves it

Right from the pre-historic times to ancient Greece, from Russia to Celtic times of the early 1800’s, beards were sported by many badasses like Beowulf and Socrates.

Also, do you remember that Abraham Lincoln, the most influential President of United States of America, sported a beard look?

History clearly claims that beard was seen as a sign of masculinity and if you did not have a beard, you were not considered as a man.

Leaving apart the various advantages and benefits, beard brings alone – many people go for a bearded look, simply because of the history involved in it.

So what is stopping you to grow facial hairs? Take our word, and get a beard to become a part of the most elite group.

2. Beards allow a lot of free time

Most people grow beard not because of its history, or any other science behind it. They simply want to grow a beard because it saves them a lot of time, that they would have wasted shaving facial hairs.

The chairman of the department of dermatology at Boston University, in 1972, said that an average beardless man spends about is going to spend at least 3350 hours of shaving, if not more. That is a huge number, isn’t it?

So think about the various fun activities you can do in those 3350 hours in your life. You can read a book, do some social work, or even make love with your partner.

In other words, you can simply do anything that pleases your heart, body, and soul. So say, bye-bye to shaving and do whatever you want to do.

3. Beards provide a perfect balance between being sensitive and edgy

Many different studies have suggested that women tend to be more attracted towards men that have a beard or facial hairs.

But the key here is, not all women like to fall in love with a bearded guy. Some of them like a person who has a sensitive side to his life.

Because those women tend to believe that there is solace insensitivity and guy with sensitivity makes the right romantic partner.

It has been widely claimed that people who like to write poetry and play some musical instruments have a sense of sensitivity inside them.

Now imagine and put a beard on them. Isn’t that becomes the most deadly combination of all? Once you have the sensitive and beard in your armory, remember the words, women will start to fall right, left and center when you pass by them.

4. Beard separates you from the heard and crowd

If not more, the beard is definitely going to give you a different recognition among the crowd. In a bar with 100’s of people, the most attractive women in the place are going to recognize you, then the cleanly shaven friend of yours.

She will know, that you like to try out different things and actually believe in breaking the norms of the society.

If this doesn’t excite you to start growing a beard, I wonder what will ever. So don’t think much, it is time for you to give it a shot and see if it brings any change in your single life.

This can be a great way to attract few ladies towards your side and make your life more exciting and fun to life.

5. Beard makes the nerds look good

If you were one of those guys in the school or at college, that had a nerdy look, you must certainly try the beard sometime. It was probably due to your nerdy look, that girls around you were more involved in avoiding you and then talking to you. And probably it has continued till now.

But hey, do not worry, beards are here to rescue and make you more amazing in the eyes of the girl you like.

So start to craft out your beard meticulous, and it will definitely work in your favor. And even if we assume it won’t, what is that you have to lose here? There is only to gain and nothing to lose. And thus no reason for you to not try out the bearded look.

6. Beards attract women

Time and again, it has repeatedly been claimed that women are more attracted towards men who have a beard. This is not just word of mouth, but it has been proven over and over again, with the help of various research studies that have been conducted all over the world.

Women’s believe that men with beards are more matured, manly and sexy. Thus the whole reason for them being attracted towards them more as compared to clean shaven personality.

They believe that they are the best fit for fatherhood and can protect the family better. Though not all women think the same way, yes, the majority of them do tend to think like that.

A few of them also believe that men with beards are more romantic than the clean shaven guy.

So be the men your women want you to be. As at the end of the day, it is all about making your women feel safer and comfortable. So what is that you are going to do? Shave or No Shave?

7. Beards have a number of physical and mental benefits

Like discussed previously in one of the other posts, you cannot imagine the number of health benefits that you can have by sporting the bearded look.

It keeps you away from pollen dust, bacteria and as well as cold. It is also one of the most efficient ways to save yourself from skin cancer and the deadly UV rays.

Do get your hands on the post regarding the health benefits of beards and get a deeper understanding of what it can and cannot do, to protect you from the dangerous life threating diseases.

Wrapping Up

There is no shortage of reasons that prove beards are the ultimate reason for the attraction. And indeed, they are one of the most amazing things which have ever happened to mankind. The seven reasons listed above are the most common reasons that prove the awesomeness of beards. But trust me, there are several other reasons which are not covered in the list.

Beards have science behind it. It has a philosophy behind it. And it has history to help support the various claims that have been made by the fraternity in the recent past. And we believe that all these reasons are more than enough to prove the authenticity of these claims and reasons. So go on, what is going to stop you from not growing a beard. Believe in what you just read, and give it a try, if you already have not. And in some time, you will definitely feel the difference by yourself. And of course, there is no need for you to thank us. Cheers.

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