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Perfectly Trim A Beard For Styling And Maintenance

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Yes, I will teach you how to trim your beard on a website that is dedicated to growing your beard. Your goal should be to have a nice long beard, but sometimes it is necessary to trim your beard during the initial stages of growing it to shape it properly. After all, you don’t want to grow your beard to a point till you have a neckbeard. I know you want the world to know about your manliness, but neckbeards are a thing of the past. Or you might just be looking for some beard maintenance and found your way here. So, I will teach you how to trim a beard and properly shape it. But before I explain you that, you must know some basics.

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What is beard trimming?

There are many ways to cut your facial hair. You can use different tools to achieve this. These tools differ from a pair of scissors to a razor blade according to your preference or your preferred cut. In this particular case, we will be taking a look at how to trim a beard using clippers.

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Why is beard trimming needed?

The need to trim your beard may arise due to a number of reasons. Again, these reasons might differ according to what you are looking for. Maybe you are looking for a new look, or maybe you are just looking for a regular beard maintenance.

I, personally, trim for the reason that sometimes it can be hard to look after my beard. In busy day to day life, it can be hard to find time for your beard and take care of it. I do love my beard and love my beard look, but sometimes it can be tough to make time for the care it needs.

The guy in the picture below can certainly use a little trimming for a better beard styling.

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What can you achieve by trimming a beard?

Everyone has different needs and wants when it comes to what they are trying to achieve by trimming their beards. The achievements also differ according to the needs. As already discussed, the primary results you might be looking for might be getting a new style or a cleaner look. Another particularly useful achievement you get by a trimming your beard is that it takes care of facial hair split ends.

Beard trimming is also particularly necessary to keep your facial hair strong. If you have split end beard hair, trimming them will help them recover and make them stronger. There are other ways of keeping your beard strong as well such as using beard oil etc. but even most experts recommend beard trimming to take care of split ends.

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What precautions should you take while trimming a beard?

Before getting into the process of beard trimming, you should know about some precautions that you need to take. One particular caution is getting started with a clean and dry beard.

When trimming your beard, having a clean and dry beard helps to get you a proper sense of what it will look like when you’re done.

Another precaution that I recommend you must take is having a solid pair of clippers. Trust me, it is indispensable and helps you not only achieve your desired look but will also save you a lot of time.

When it comes to precautions, you must also make sure to familiarize yourself with your clipper guards. Always make sure to use a longer guard than a short one.

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When should you trim?

I recommend you should trim your beard when you feel you should. To some people, it comes naturally. To some, it does not. If you are one of those people who doesn’t know when to trim your beard, don’t worry, just follow the following simple tips when it comes to deciding when to trim your beard.

I recommend that you should trim when you grow a neckbeard or when there’s facial hair above your beard line. Another time I suggest, you must trim is when you feel your beard has split ends. Of course, there’s always the time to trim when you want to try new styles or experiment with your beard.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s get right into it and see how to trim a beard. I recommend you to follow these steps for a proper method to trim your beard:

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Step 1: Wash and dry your beard

Your beard might not be as clean as it looks to the eye. Before you learn how to trim a beard, you should learn how to prepare it for a trim first. You must first clean your beard to start working on it. The proper way to clean your beard would be to use a beard shampoo and follow it with a conditioner. This will make your beard soft and help later with trimming your beard properly.

After you are done washing your beard with a shampoo and conditioner, do not go immediately into trimming your beard. It is essential to dry your beard properly. This will give you a better sense of how your beard looks.

Step 2: Brush or comb your beard properly

One of the most important parts of trimming a beard is to brush your beard properly. People often take this step for granted.

When brushing, you want to go against the direction of your beard. This is important to make the beard stand out and make it easier to trim. This will also highlight any inconsistencies with your beard.

It is also important to brush your beard properly. Brush everywhere and anywhere you can reach to help the beard stand out and untangle and beard tangled together. If you have a comb, do comb your mustache as well to get a better sense of things. Now you will come to the actual part and learn how to trim a beard.

Step 3: Use your clippers for an even cut

After you are done with washing your beard, drying it and then properly brushing it, it’s time to get your clippers. Use your clippers to trim your beard to any length that you prefer. I recommend using a bigger clipper guard. You can always go from a long beard to short beard than the other way. Always test with a higher guard before coming to a lower guard.

If you are looking for a more modern cut, go for a long guard around your chin area and a shorter guard around the sides. You can also go for an all even look with one guard all around. An all even trim is easier to perform than a more fashionable trim.

If you are looking just for a regular maintenance trim, I would recommend using a short guard around your neck region and cheek region. The neck region is particularly important because, as discussed, you don’t want a neckbeard. The cheek region also looks wild without regular maintenance, so you probably want to take care of that too.

Step 4: Use scissors for the dirty work

Sometimes your clipper might not catch every strand of hair on your face, or you might not get the desired look around the edges. This is when you get a pair of scissors for a more detailed look. You should look for any wild strands of hair that the clipper missed and cut them out yourself.

You might also have to use a pair of scissors after the upcoming step. After you are done giving your beard the post trim routine, or later in the day when you’re admiring your beard in the mirror, you might come across more wild strands of hair.

Step 5: Do the post trim routine

By now you should have your desired look and learned how to trim a beard. But wait! It does not end there. After you are done with all the steps above and gotten your desired look, it is important that you give your beard a proper finishing touch.

Proper finishing touches include using a beard oil/balm and a beard moisturizer to keep your beard healthy. It will also prevent a dry beard and the beard itch that comes along with it. Start by applying the beard oil to your newly trimmed beard and use a comb to properly distribute the oil through your beard. Use this step to give your beard your desired direction as well.

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Are trimmers the only way to trim a beard?

The simple answer to that question would be no. There are many other ways to trim your beard. This ranges from using a pair of scissors, which is highly not recommended, to using a razor for a much closer shave. It is always best to use a combination of these to get your desired look.

Apart from these conventional tools, there are some superhumans who use fire to trim their beard. Please don’t even think of trying that. Leave that to the experts.

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Sometimes to give your beard the desired look, you need to trim it into that shape. I tried my best to teach you how to trim a beard for styling and maintenance, all now you have to do is to apply it. On top of these steps, you can also try any additional steps that you think might benefit your beard. The steps above are, in my opinion, necessary to give your beard the care it deserves.


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