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What Is a Patchy Beard And How To Fix That Easily

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Yeah, Yeah! We all know that the studies have proven that a stubble beard makes a man more attractive than a clean-shaven man. I don’t know why but looks like we are living in the times of beard resurrection. Everybody from professionals to hipsters, actors to entrepreneurs, In short, almost every man around us are rocking or at-least trying to rock a full beard. Now, this is great for guys who can grow a full, thick beard, but for many of us, this is just like a magical unicorn. Yes, that doesn’t exist. Now, there can be multiple reasons why growing a full thick beard is a magical unicorn for many, one of the reasons is a patchy beard (bald spots).

In this article I’m going to discuss:
1. What is a patchy beard
2. Reasons behind patchy beard
3. How to fix a patchy beard
and finally,
4. How to rock different beard styles with a patchy beard

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What is a Patchy Beard (how does it actually looks)

While growing up in school, we all look the same, exactly, with no facial hair at all. Yes, absolutely with some exceptions like that Arab Guy or that Indian fells who has more facial hair than you.

As the time passes and you enter puberty, you start to see some changes on your face. One of them is some random hair. These hair are called the vellus which are thin, light-colored and almost invisible. This hair, later on, turns into a much thicker hair called as terminal hair as you grow.

At the start of puberty, everyone starts with a patchy beard and as the time passes and by the age of 17-20 towards the end of the adolescence many of the men grow a full beard. The leading cause behind is the male hormone Testosterone which triggers the hair follicles on your face and neck to grow and thicken.

However, as stated in the beginning, this is not the case with everyone some just hope that they also get a full beard. For them, the beard remains patchy. Meaning they don’t have as many terminal hairs as required to fill the face and the neck. Aww!

There are many reasons why a person may have a patchy beard. Knowing the reason behind a patchy beard can actually guide you towards the best solution.

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Why Do We Develop A Patchy Beard

So, there are not tons of reasons why a person may have a patchy beard. Actually, there are only 3. And once you find out the reason behind your patchy beard you can work towards either fixing it if fixable or just embrace it and rock a style with it.

a. Under or Non-Developed Vellus Hair

As explained above vellus are the thin light-colored hair which from a distance are not even visible in most of the cases. So if you have a lot and lots of vellus hair on your face, it is apparent to have a bald spot in your beard. Fixing this is quite easy. I’ll discuss that in detail while explaining the cure of Beard bald spot or patchy beard later in this article.

b. Beard Genetics

This is not a surprise. Beard has everything to do with genetics. And also the hormones. Every individual has different genetics which determines when a person is going to grow facial hair. Some people grow a beard in early teenage while some grow it in their late twenties (some even later).

If you consider that people get their beard from just the father side then, you are wrong. This is not how genetics work. You can inherit any character from either side of your family.

So if you start to notice some bald spot or if it’s just taking a long time to grow, look up to your father and uncles at both the sides to know what exactly is the beard condition there. This way you’ll have a fair idea of bald patches at the beard.

There is no apparent fix to bad genetics, but you may try the below-mentioned fixes to get to a solution to this condition.

c. Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata is a condition of hair loss that causes patches of baldness. Although this is reversible in many cases after a certain amount of time but in few the patients, develop permanent baldness. About 2% of the population develops this rare condition. Although Alopecia areata usually affects the scalp, but in most unusual circumstances can affect any body part including the beard.

Alopecia areata is considered an Auto Immune Disease. Now, what the heck is an Auto Immune Disease? Ok, Let me try an explain. Our body has a defense mechanism that produces white blood cells and antibodies. The primary function of these two is to prevent us from foreign elements and infections (bacterial, viral and fungal, etc.). What happens in Auto Immune Disease, this system goes nuts and identifies the own body’s elements as foreign and starts to work against it.

This is what happens in the case of Alopecia areata. The WBCs and the antibodies start to accumulate around the hair follicle which causes inflammation around the hair follicle. Finally resulting in the hair fall from that area.

Most common fixes to Alopecia areata is just to leave it alone and not doing anything. In most of the cases, the hair will regrow within few months. Initially, the regrown hair will be thin and light colored, but they will become thicker with time. Other treatment options include steroid and vitamin intake that I’ll mention later.

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How to fix the bald spots in the Beard or the Patchy Beard

Now that we know that it’s not just one reason why we can have a patchy beard, so there is not only one solution to it. Moving forward in the article, I’ll go ahead and discuss the possible solutions that you may try to fix your patchy beard.

1. Eat Clean

I find myself suggesting everyone, to eat clean for any health related problem that they may have. And boy, this is 100% correct and works. Every health-related issue has something to do with the diet. Your body doesn’t just go bonkers on its own. If you just keep on filling your body with junk or sugar or fat. You will develop one disease or the other.

On the other hand, if you provide your body with all the required nutrients by eating clean you’ll have a healthy body. Facial hair, like any other body part, require a certain amount of nutrients like vitamin, proteins, and mineral for their growth which you can only provide by eating clean.

2. MultiVitamin

As I’ve already described in the point above, you need nutrients for facial hair growth. If you can’t supply that with the food, then look for an external source aka the Multivitamin supplements. Although you can use any MultiVitamin, but since the vital vitamin that the hair is made up of is Biotin which is a vitamin B complex family member. You should pick a Multi-Vitamin that has Vitamin B complex in abundance. I’m mentioning a list of multivitamin that is available on Amazon. Some are specifically for beard growth, but some are just good multivitamin sources overall.

So just go and check the list and whatever you think is the best value for money, go for it. However, my Personal favorites are Beardilizer or Vitabeard. They are just good however for overall health I’ll prefer Optimum nutrition’s Optimen.

3. Testosterone Booster

Since genetics and testosterone play the major role in beard growth, There is nothing much that you can do about genetics, but you can undoubtedly boost the testosterone level by consuming it from the external sources.

There are multiple food sources which can boost your testosterone level naturally. I’m going to mention them below. Tru to include them in your daily diet and see your testosterone level skyrocketing:

Olive Oil
Cruciferous Vegetables ( broccoli and cauliflower etc.)
Whey Proteins, and

Apart from these foods, you can take artificial pills too to boost the testosterone level. However, I would suggest you to first consult a doctor before taking it from an external source.

How to fix the bald spots in the Beard
Providing Nutrition To Your Body Is A Must To Fix Patchy Beard

4. Minoxidil

Initially, Minoxidil was used to treat High blood pressure but while research the scientists found out that Minoxidil also increased hair growth on the body of the patients. Minoxidil belongs to the class of drugs called vasodilators. Minoxidil acts by increasing the duration of the hair follicle growth cycle and improving the quality of the hair by increasing the length and diameter of a fine hair. It also acts by stimulating the follicular growth and the proliferation of dermal papilla cells. Thus, it helps to improve the growth of hair follicles.

There are many minoxidil brands out there such as Kirkland, Basic Care, and Rogaine. However, Rogaine was the first and original to appear on the market, and it’s the most popular among them all.

No matter which body part it’s applied. Rogaine can breed hair cells and generate new hair. In some cases, many guys have grown their beard from scratch through Rogaine. So why won’t it work on your patchy beard? Go for it. Consult a skin specialist and try it out.

5. Beard Oil

Beard Oils are essential for overall growth and health of your beard. Beard Oil not only provide nourishment to the facial hair but also to the skin underneath your beard. I won’t talk much about how beard oil can help fix your patchy beard. You can check more about beard oil.

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Workaround A Patchy Beard

Above I mentioned what all could you do to fix a patchy beard, but everything mentioned above will take time to fix your bald spot. And this is not even a guaranteed solution. However, there are other things that you can do to fix the patches (not exactly).

1. Rock a Beard Style Keeping Patchy Area In Mind

You can always rock a beard style tricky enough keeping in mind the patchy area of your beard. For example a goatee or a Balbo beard or the imperial beard style. The list is endless, and you can even create a style of your own.

2. Create an illusion

An efficient way to give your beard an illusion of having fuller hair is to let your hair grow for few weeks. And then trim it from the places, where there are no patches of skin, and leave the grown hair near the patches of skin. It will work as an excellent disguise for your skin patches.

how to fix a patchy beard
Creating an illusion is a good workaround a patchy beard

3. Hair Transplant

No one will even notice your beard if you have that kind of money to spend on your beard. Guess, you got my point.

5. Don’t Give A F**K

This is my beard. However this looks is none of your business! I mean this works almost always. The key is confidence. I guess this point doesn’t need any further explanation.

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Wrapping Up

You may have a patchy beard, but probably you are the only person who even notices it. Others may just see it as a beard and not as a patchy beard. Look at Keanu Reeves he has a patchy beard, and he doesn’t even care about it. You should not too. Whatever kind of a beard you have, Patchy or full. Just grow it. This is what men do.


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