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10 Busted Myth About Beards

Beards have become a norm these days. And as things start to gain popularity, rumors, and myths about them, starts to float around in circles. No matter the reality, people start to come with their own hypothetical assumptions and pretends as if it has the greatest reality hidden under its skin. Even you might have heard a lot of these dos and don’ts regarding beards. But have you ever wondered, if there is any reality in between those claims?

In this post, we will debunk the various myths floating around related to beards. Since there is no actual scientific reasoning behind beards, opinions are thrown around by people. However, thanks to the outreach of internet, demystifying the myths have become quite easy. Here are the most common myths and beliefs, which are far away from reality.

Myth 101 – Facial Hair Grows Thicker After Shaving

When it comes to myths about facial hair, this is one of the commonly regarded beliefs among people of different age group. Young and old, they all tend to believe in the false reality of this claim and myth.

However, there is no evidence to back up the claim. After shaving, hair grows closer to the same length and thus gives the illusion that the re-growing process of the facial hair is denser as compared to one before shaving.

So, rectify the other person who tells you that facial hair grows thicker after shaving it, and do not let the rumors to spread around. There is no truth to it.

Myth 102 – Having a Beard Will Not Allow You to Land a Job

There is a common misconception that having a beard will not allow you to get your dream job. Yes, employers do not like the candidate who appears to have an un-groomed appearance. They do not like unpleasant facial hairs. However, having a nicely groomed beard will help the employer to remember and separate you from the heard.

This increases the probability of you getting hired. And since its delightful acceptance in the society, beards are more than welcomed in the workplace. And if the employer is simple against having beards and asks you to remove it before joining, take my advice and start looking for another job.

So next time when someone even tries to talk you out of the beard game, ask them to look and read about Sundar Pichai. He’s one of the highest paid CEO and sports a beard.

Myth 103 – Beards are Innately Itchy

There is no denying the fact that beards are itchy. Yes, they are prickly and it will result in discomfort, but only for 2 – 3 initial weeks of your beard. Also, it is not the beard that causes itchiness and irritation to your skin. It is the dry nature of your skin that causes the unpleasant experience.

Thus it becomes extremely important to take care of your beard. Regular usage of beard oil and balm keeps the skin smooth and hydrated. Beards will cause a little discomfort, but if proper care is taken, the itchiness will be gone within 2 to 3 weeks of time.

Myth 104 – Beards Must Look Complete within 2 – 3 Weeks of Time

Nothing amazing comes in short period of time. And there is no way that a beard will look complete within two to three weeks. Much to the contrary of this myth, it takes about two to three months for a beard to grow completely.

It also depends on your genetics and your testosterone levels. In cases where a person has low levels of testosterone, it might even take longer than the standard 3 month period. But there is no way; you can have a beard within a month time.

Myth 105 – Beards Should Be Trimmed at Barber

People believe that barbers are the one to be right doctor for your beards. However, it is entirely dependent on your confidence levels. And you probably must have heard; there is no better professional who might know your preferences about beards than yourself.

Quite often, the professionals will over trim your beards and thus leaving you with the beard that you did not want. And on the other hand, if you do it yourself and over trimmed it, at least you will have yourself to be blamed for.

Thus, if you have the confidence, then you should certainly trim it on your own, rather seeking out for a professional.

Myth 106 – All Girls are Attracted by Beards

There is no doubt that girls like a bearded look and are more attracted towards men with beards. Even there is a number of studies that support the claim. However, the misconception is that all girls’ find beard attractive and will want to date you, solely because of the reason that you have a beard.

Regardless of how attractive and classy your beard is, some girls just don’t like facial hair and are more attracted towards men that have a clean shave. It is the way it is, and we cannot change the fact. Also, if you are growing a beard to earn yourself a date then you might not as well do it.

Myth 107 – Beards Make You Look Creepy

It doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. Yes, beards can be creepy, if they are not groomed properly. However, a well-groomed beard that has been taken care and spend a lot of time on, is not going to be creepy at all.

Creepiness sweeps in when you have stray facial hairs all over the place. If you regularly brush and oil your beard than there is no reason for it be creepy and give you a sense of homeliness in the eyes of others.

So let us bust off the myth that beards make you look creepy. No, they do not if appropriately groomed.

Myth 108 – Each Part of the Beard Should Grow at the Same Rate

There is no claim in the scientific history of beards or hairs that can or will support the following claim. There might be some part of your cheek which has not fully evolved into the growth of your facial hair. And that is completely okay. There is no unnatural thing in it.

Once you have done a few trimming and proper shaping activities, the area with less facial hair will eventually come up to the task, and you will see growth in the rate at which facial hair is growing. Being patient is the key to unlock all doors to have an amazing beard.

Myth 109 – Beards Don’t Grow After 20s

“If I don’t have a Beard in my 20’s, I will never have one”, You probably must have heard this one a lot of times.

This is so, so wrong. Beards develop and improve over time and with age. As you get older, you will have a number of facial hair and a more matured beard. Not everyone is of the same age, and they indeed do not grow taller in height at the same age.

The same concept applies to beards. Different people will have different growth in facial hair at various stages in their life.

Thus, claiming the fact that does not have a beard in 20’s means you won’t ever have a beard, is completely wrong. So relax, most people grow a beard in their 30’s and 40’s because they start to develop more facial hair during that age. It is completely natural. So let nature take it progression and go with the flow.

Myth 110 – Curly and Wiry Beards Look Unattractive

Curly and wiry beards are more attractive than you might think and know. When these beards are fully grown, they take a sophisticated look which makes it more appealing to the community and amongst people.

Do not believe in this myth. Because more often than not, when start having a curly and wiry style facial hair, they opt for the clean shaven look at an early stage. Thus giving themselves no chance to wait for the end result. So wait for the time and let the beard grow to decide whether it is attractive or ugly.

Wrapping Up

Beards have been the talk of the town and a great topic to discuss with your peers while having a beer. And when things are spoken more, myths start to take their place in the society. It doesn’t matter if people know the science and fact behind it, but they will speak the dos and don’ts about them; simply because they heard about it somewhere.

And if you are one of that person, who is interested in growing and having a great beard someday, even you might have heard one of the many myths listed above. So do not believe in them. Myths hardly carry any reality along with them. So demystify them for others when the next time you hear someone else spreading the rumors and not letting the potential winner beard to grow.


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