Movember – How it all began?

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Movember is a movement that began in 2003. It all started when a couple of guys in Melbourne, Australia, started to wonder what happened to classic mustaches. While engrossed in their beers, they pondered on the issue of mustaches going completely out of favor. And later in the night, those beers ended with a challenge to bring back the mustaches and an old masculine style for men.

It is a global scale charitable event to raise awareness regarding men’s health concerns and funds to research the causes and cures for prostate cancer. During the month of November, men who are supporting the movement committed to growing mustache and at the same time raise funds for the Movember movement. The Movember Foundation has swiftly become one of the largest funding sources to assist in the research for Prostate Cancer.

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Early Days of Movember

Luke Slattery and Travis Garone, who discussed to bring back the old trend of mustaches in the country, decided to send an email to a group of people asking them to support them in their mission. Travis Garone titled the email, ‘Are you man enough to be my man?’

In his quest to bring the Mo (Moustache) back, he was able to find 30 guys enthusiastic to participate and take up his challenge. The ‘Mo Bros’ – The men who decide to grow a mustache for the whole November, came up with the idea to formalize and grow the concept into a supporting cause.

They began to research about the various health-related issues and finally agreed upon to officially support prostate cancer. After defining the rules of Movember, Garone started to register the Movember Foundation and launched the website for people to participate in the movement.

The team agreed upon to charge $10 in growing the Mo and to help support their cause. During the early days of 2004, the foundation approached Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and even they agreed to accept the funds raised by the Movember movement.

The PCFA (Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia), received their largest ever donation from the Movember movement. The event was a sure shot winner in its first year, and the goal of the event was known to be fruitful in the years to come by.

The movement took entire Australia with a storm, and within two years of its foundation, they were joined by 480 Mo Bros and Mo Sistas, raising a whopping $54,000 in total, which funded health projects for six men.

The numbers went exponentially high in the next year when the total number of participant reached to 9795. During 2006.

The research team associated with men’s health started to further investigate and discovered that depression was a critical issue amongst men in Australia. Thus, after PCFA, they approached beyond blue, as their second partner.

Beyond Blue, is a national depression and anxiety initiative! Since then, there has been no stopping to this wonderful and humanly initiative, that has worked so much for the goodness of mankind.

In the coming years, they were to officially launch their movement in New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom, Spain, and Canada by associating their foundation with a various organization dedicated to working for the betterment of men and issues which are related to Prostate Cancer.

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Movember Rules

1. Come 31st of October every year; the Mo Bros are required to be shaved cleaned and start their Movember journey from 1st of November.

2. Grow and maintain the mustache throughout the end of the month that is until 30th November.

3. During the entire month raise funds for the Movember Foundation. Once registered on their website and you will have your own Mo space to share your mustache’s photos and receive a donation from it. You can even go and ask your employer to match the donations received by you.

4. And during all this time increase awareness by spreading the word within your family, friends, and colleagues.

The rules to Movember are simple. There’s no haste in anything. Grow the mustache to a length of your choosing. You are not asked to help the Movember foundation by asking someone else to participate along with you.

Though it would be nicer on your behalf if you can increase the number of members involved with Movember Foundation.

All you need to do is to raise funds, spread the awareness among people and get a rather stunning look in the process.

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Is the Movember Foundation Only Open to Men?

Certainly, not. Just like Mo Bros, there are Mo Sistas as well. Yes, they cannot bind themselves with the rules of Movember, but they can certainly help by spreading the awareness and in raising funds for the foundation.

They can force their father, brother and the special one to adhere to the rules and become a part of the Movember Movement.

Ultimately, the aim of the movement is to reach out to a maximum number of people and make them aware of the health-related issues, which concerns the community.

So, participate and be a part of this exciting foundation and do all that you can during the 30 days of Movember.

Recently in 2016, the Movember Foundation started a new way to allow the Mo Sistas to participate in the fun. They called it the Move for Movember. Throughout the month, women’s are encouraged to Move, every day of the month.

It doesn’t matter if you go for a walk or do a full workout – as long as you do it. It means that you need to perform 30 moves in 30 days. This initiative helps the women to help them be proactive and the same time take care of their physical and mental fitness.

Not only for themselves but by participating in the Move for Movember, they can inspire their counterparts as well, to the same and be proactive in their life for the sake of their mental and physical fitness.

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Is there any Prize for competing in the Movember Competition?

It would be no fun if there were no prize, right? Yes, there is a prize for the one participating in the Movember Movement. The one is that you are going to get a great mustache at the end of the month.

The other is however tricky, and it all depends on the popularity of your Mo Space. The highest rated Mo space wins the best Mo space award.

So go on, increase the number of activities happening in your Mo space, update regular photos of your mustache and invite your friends and family to come visit your Mo space.

There are also ‘Big Mo on Campus’ awards that Mo Bros and Sistas can compete in the month time. There are lucky winner drawings for the one who raise $25 and $100. And the Jackpot. The Mo-Mo award goes to the person who raises the most throughout the month of November.

So don’t shy away, your efforts have recognition, provided you do it in the right spirit and keeping the essence, with which the movement was formed.

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Fascinating Facts about Movember

1. Since the inception of the Movember Foundation, more than 5 million people have participated in the movement.

2. The Foundation has funded for over 1000 men’s health-related issues. Key the issues among all these projects have been prostate cancer, poor mental health, testicular cancer and physical inactivity.

3. The Foundation at present hosts campaigns in around 21 different countries. And has become one of the most supported campaigns around the globe.

4. The Movember Foundation through its reach in 21 different countries at present, has raised more than $735 million and has donated to different organizations working towards the betterment of mankind.

5. In 2012, the Movember Foundation was ranked in the first 100 NGO around the world. If not more, there are at least five million NGO’s in the world working for some cause or the other. Making this feat more remarkable to be achieved.

6. In 2014, the Foundation was ranked 72 on the top 500 NGO’s list in the world. They continued their reach and launched the movement in countries like Austria, Sweden, Singapore, Hong Kong, France, and Germany, etc.

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Is Movember Same As No Shave November?

Even though there are multiple similarities between both the campaigns “No Shave November” and “Movember,” they are not same.

Some of the similarities between both the campaigns are:

1. Both are month-long campaigns.
2. Both of them involve growing out your facial hair.
3. The campaigns are to raise awareness for men’s health issues.

However, Difference between both the campaigns are:

No Shave November: The No Shave November movement aims at growing awareness by embracing one’s hair, which many cancer patients lose. Grow your hair and donate the money that you would have spent shaving or waxing.

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Wrapping Up

Movember Foundation has started a movement which is working towards to the change and improvement in men’s health. It is not just a fundraising campaign; it is a way to bring betterment to mankind. The kind of camaraderie involved in the movement is one of its kind and certainly too looked up by other organizations and foundations, working towards the same or related objectives. So come next November, make sure you sign up for Movember and be a part of the movement, working to improve the health of men around the globe.




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