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Good News, Men With Stubble Beard Are More Attractive [Study]

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Have you ever been influenced by a man just by his beard? I know you have. The rise of beards has reached to a significant top over the past few years. Maybe because beard plays an integral part in building our overall personality, and as I like to say “beard gives you dominance” and it is true. A man with a beard will have more chances of dominating fellow men than a man without a beard. Besides, facial hair gives you mature look.

We all have been there when we have tried to shave all of our facial hair to have a new sleek look. But we end up getting a babyface or a girlish look. This happens because too much skin on face give away all of your facial features and believe me or not a clean face is not something a man should have. You have hair on the face because of a reason. Similarly, if we talk about women, then in cases of almost all women, they are influenced by someone who is dominating and has a maturity on his face. And beard gives you that appearance. The appearance of a male is what a woman needs. Your facial hair separates you from those who do not have a mature and influential personality.

Granted that a person’s thinking tells more about his personality. But here we are talking about beards and looks, so concerning looks, the beard is the most vital factor to achieve a dominant and mature character. But don’t get me wrong and grow a full massive beard. Because everything is desirable in a moderate amount and extreme is something which is usually not a good thing. So according to studies the stubble beard with the growth of 4 to 7 days is best suited for men. Let’s have a look at the study by the researchers from the University of Queensland in Australia.

A Scientific study done on beards:

For this purpose, a total of 8500 women were gathered by the team, and those women were divided into 3 groups. Some pictures of men, varying the degrees of facial hair from a clean shave to full-grown beard were shown. All the images were manipulated the researcher’s team and were the repeated images of same men, with different degrees of facial hair. Some were clean shaved, some were with a light stubble beard which was nearly 5 days of growth. Some had a growth of 10 days, and in the last, there were some pics which had the men with a thick beard with a growth of one month. Next, the groups of women were asked to rate the men in pictures regarding attractiveness and desirableness.

The first group of women rated the men with clean faces and with stubble beard (5 days growth) for overall attractiveness. The second group of women, however, were asked to rate the pictures regarding the score. They had to score the pictures based on the desirableness of the men in the photos for a short-term dating. The third group was asked to give suggestion about the men, who would be perfect for long-term dating, marriage or commitment.

The answers that researchers got from all three women were later published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology. The responses were varied from women to women according to their preferences. However, the overall answers of those women were that they prefer men who sport heavy stubble beard, followed by the men who sport short stubble beards. The men who were clean shaved were the lowest scorers. Similarly, men who had full beards were also rated lowest on overall sexiness scale.

This research revealed some great information about how women perceive men. According to the answers given by women in this research, it is clear that women prefer men who sport a beard. Furthermore, it also pointed out that men with stubble beard are considered as the marriage material among women.

Read More About The Study here

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Some Other Facts about Men with Beards

If you want to achieve an Alpha male look, then it just cannot be achieved by a clean face. The true Alpha look will only be achieved by stubble beards which are going to give a huge boost to your masculinity. Besides Masculinity, beards also indicate several other factors, which are also written in the same research published by The Journal of Evolutionary

Biology: According to, the researched can be summaries into given points.

Parenting Skills: The women in the research also pointed that men with beards are considered to have skills of being a good parent.

Health: It was also revealed that men with beards are considered and perceived as healthier than men with no beard at all.

Attractiveness: As mentioned above, men who sport stubble Beards are considered more attractive and desirable than men with no beard or full-grown beard.

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Wrapping Up

By looking at the facts and figures and preference of over 8000 women. I think it is safe to say that men with beards will take the trophy of being more attractive and desirable. It is not an assumption or a personal opinion. This fact is scientifically proven. Although I am not discouraging men without beards because it is not a necessity to have a beard and it is also not a thumb rule to have a beard to get a girl. Men without shave are also desirable. It is just that the men with beard are considered more attractive. If you usually remain clean shaved and your insecurities are on the rise after reading this article, then you can always grow a beard. And I advise and encourage you to grow a beard for once. So that you can evaluate your look with and without a beard, besides it is included in your manhood package, so you should at least try it once. With that said, our discussion comes to an end, and it is concluded that men with beard are more desirable than men without it.

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