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Must-Have Beard Tools and Products for Beardsmen

Beard is one of the manliest things that men can have. The rich heritage and culture of the beard is not hidden from anyone. There has been a lot of talk regarding the history that beards behold. Right from the ancient Greek period to the Oval Office, many great personalities throughout the history of mankind have sported and are also known for their bearded look. Although beard is a symbol of manliness, it is also pristinely raw.

Beard maintenance is not easy, and people who have facial hair might already know it. If you are really serious about beard care and maintenance, then you need to have a grooming kit. Grooming kit that goes beyond scissors and trimmers. There are abundant numbers of beard maintenance tools and products out there, for you to nourish your beard. Following is a detail list of beard tools and products that must have a place in the grooming kit.

Beard Tools

1. Beard Trimmer

Beard trimmer is a must-have for men who want to have a short stubble and medium length beard. To get the right length of your beard, beard trimmer becomes an essential piece of equipment during your morning routine. All you have to do is to select the guard that resembles your chosen beard length, and simply run it through the grain.

Beard trimmer can also be quite useful in your quest to maintain the neck and cheek lines. It also helps you to create a softer cut at the end of beard hairs. If you try to use a double-edged razor, then there is no leeway in between a beard and a close shave. Also, this razor and cartridges can leave horrible bumps and marks on your skin, if you do not have gentle hands. Thus, having a beard trimmer in your grooming kit is of utmost importance, if you are going for the stubble and medium length beard.

2. Scissors

For people who are not aware, it is important to understand that there is a difference between your head hairs and facial hairs. Head hairs are much softer and are comparatively easier to cut down. Whereas, facial hairs are more rough and hard in comparison. Thus you need to select and utilize the scissor which is designed for such conditions. Your normal scissors will do just fine. But it will not give you the finishing touch that you are looking for. Having a scissor with small edges gives you the ability to have better control on your haircuts.

These scissors also come in handy to get rid of the unwanted cheek hairs. You can do the same with trimmers as well, but they don’t give you the control required for such minute details. There is always a possibility that you might end up cleaning more beard hair, than what you wanted it to be. Scissors reduces the probability of cutting more hair than desired.

3. Beard Comb

Beard comb is the actual difference between a messy looking beard and a good looking beard. From the look of the beard itself, you can predict whether the person combs his beard or not. For a well-groomed beard, you must definitely have a beard comb in your beard arsenal. Not only have a beard comb, but you must also take care and comb your beard on a daily basis.

Facial hair can and will grow in all sorts of directions. Especially along the neckline. To help train the hair to grow in a particular direction, you must ensure to comb it at least twice a day. Make sure to use the comb, immediately after taking a shower and applying beard oil. Due to this, the oil will spread out evenly on your facial hair, and any sorts of tangles and knots are quickly removed, when the hairs are wet.

Beard comb can also be handy to train your mustaches as well. If you are one of those who likes to have a long mustache, which should go sideways, then regular combing can help to achieve it immensely.

Do not use your regular combs. This will rip off a lot of facial hairs from your beard, which might not be a pleasant experience. Use a comb that has a wider tooth. Since the facial hairs are thicker and hard, in comparison to normal hairs, comb with wider tooth has better ability to reach the depth of your beard and removes tangles, if any.

4. Beard Hair Dryer

Hair dryer is yet another tool that a Beardsman must have inside his grooming kit. The hair dryer can be a great and efficient way to achieve and get the desired shape of a beard. It is a great tool to avoid unruly beards. You can make use of the dryer before applying beard wax and that way you can achieve the shape of your choosing.

This can also be used to straighten the hair, in case if you have a curly beard. Just when you apply the oil, make use of the dryer as you comb the beard. Once you are done giving the shape of your style, change the setting of the dryer to cool, so as to lock the hair in place.

Hair dryer also helps to keep the beard clean and tidy and gives it the finishing touch, to make it look more elegant. Thus if you have a beard which is medium or long in length, and is not cooperating with you, blowing some heat with the hair dryer can certainly work like a charm, making a world of difference.

Beard Products

1. Beard Dye

Let’s face it. No one tends to like the gray in the beard and is something which is not pleasant to the eyes. And before you realize the damage those annoying prickly grey hairs can cause, it might be rather late, and the girl of your dream might have already noticed it. Thus to avoid the situation from getting there, it is always in the best interest to have a beard dye in your grooming kit.

There are multiple dye solution out there on the market. You can choose from temporary dye solution to permanent ones. Temporary dye fades a little after each wash, and you might be back to the normal hair color within a week or two. However, if you are looking for a better and permanent solution, opt for permanent dyes. And once the hair starts growing from the root, keep applying the dye to maintain a seamless color all along the length of your beard.

2. Beard Oil

Beard oil is a basic product that must be a forerunner in your beard grooming kit. It helps to keep your beard hydrated and avoid it from becoming dry. Regular use of beard oil is important. Otherwise, the skin beneath the hair will turn dry and itchy. It might also result in beard dandruff, and soon you will find yourself irritated with white snowy flakes, hovering all around your beard and your dress. No beard kit is complete without beard oil.

To avoid any such instances and itchiness on the skin, apply beard oil each day, either after taking a shower or before going to sleep. Beard oil will give your beard a promising look and glowing color. It will also prevent the facial hair from getting damaged and breaking down quickly.

3. Beard Balm and Wax

Beard balm is much like its predecessor. Beard oil is in the liquid form, whereas beard balm and wax are much thicker in comparison. It is due to this property of beard balm, the beard also looks a tad thicker, when you apply the beard balm on it.

It also constitutes some styling elements that give a better hold on your beard style and form. However, the major difference between the beard oil and beard balm, apart from thickness, is that the beard oil provides more glow and gleam to the beard. And beard balm has the ability to hold the facial hair more strongly and nicely. Although, you can make use of the products in times of extreme cold and windy situation. There is no harm in using them together.

Wrapping Up

Beard comes with a lot of maintenance and strenuous activities. Taking care of beard is not simple and must be paid a lot of attention. Though this task becomes easy if you have the right tools and products in your beard kit. And along with the tools and products, you must also have the knowledge of when and where to make use of this stuff. So don’t wait. Check out your beard kit now and see what is missing inside it.

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