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List Of The Best Beard Style For Your Face Shape

Daily, on an average 100s of people wander here and there around us, and our face is the first thing someone sees when they interact with us. And to drop that classy impression on them, you need to take care of your face. But I am not talking about facial skin grooming or anything. I am talking about the beard on your face. If you are a fan of beards and want one for yourself too, then it is integral for you to choose a beard according to your facial features, size, and shape. Because beard will either enhance your face or it may leave you with an unnatural look.

So to look like a man with an epic beard, you will have to try different beard styles until you find one which is perfect and that process takes a very long time. Because growing a beard is not an overnight task and then shaving it all because it was not ideal for your face, then growing again for another style until you find a beard for your face shape is simply a pain. So why go through with all that process when you can have a guide for a perfect beard for your face shape.

YES, I am talking about saving a lot of your time and hard work just to find what beard for your face shape is perfect. It doesn’t matter if you are a round-faced, square-faced or a diamond faced person. As long as you can grow a beard, you will definitely find this guide helpful to get an idea for a beard for your face shape. So let’s see what fits that face you’ve been carrying for years.

Square Face

A square face is a perfect face type of a man. Because with a square face, you can have almost any kind of beard. And the not only beard, but a square face can also rock practically all types of hairstyle, this happens because of the hard jaw lines. You can look at Brad pit or tom cruise for references, as they have square faces. Although they do not rock a beard most of the time, as I said above, beard enhances the facial features of a man. And to improve a square face, you need to make its edges softer.

So to further enhance the features of a square face, the perfect beard style will be a goatee with small hairs on the jaw. The reason I recommended a goatee is that the chin of square face is too short and to make it come out, you will need to grow hairs on the chin as it will give an illusion of a more extended chin. Next is you need to grow small hair on the sides of your face to cover the pointy and hard jawline. The small hairs on the side will help you to manage a soft look.

Square faces are not known to be slim, and the jawline can form a hard angle. It also creates a naturally broader hairline, thus giving a wider shape. The beard type that normally goes well along with the square faces is Balbo, Goatee, and Mustaches. To a certain extent, you can even try out the Chin Strap beard style. It also provides a good look and is suitable for people with square faces.

Growing a Goatee Beard Style

Goatee beard style is very simple and straightforward. Before doing anything to achieve it, you simply need to let the facial hair grow. And as they grow, you have to follow a certain process to allow yourself to have a great goatee. For a goatee beard, you must know the away around trimming it. Trimming is quite essential to attain the beard of your own choice.

How to Trim the Facial Hair for Goatee Style

There is a number of steps that need to follow while growing and trimming the goatee. You need to make sure that you have all the necessary tools and equipment required for it. You will need to have a blade, scissors, and comb.

Even an electric shaver will work just fine if you do not want to make use of the blades. During trimming and shaping your beard, you can also make use of other supplements like oil and powders. It is up to you decide whether you want to make use of it or not. Though, following are the steps you need to take into account to have your way towards the beard of your dream.

1. For the initial few weeks, let the facial hair grow. Once the hairs are long enough, make sure you comb it properly and then be ready to trim it out.

2. Combing the beard is important to eliminate any curls in your beard. Once you have done that, you can trim the beard to the length of your choice.

3. Once you have decided on the length and the shape of the beard, you must start trimming the hair carefully. However, make sure know all the elements discussed above. Otherwise, you will become a victim of over trimming.

4. As and when you start trimming, start by defining the outline of your goatee. Repeat it all around, using the trimmer.

5. Once you are done outlining the entire area, you can go ahead and trim your desired goatee style. And it only makes sense to do this in front of the mirror.

6. Now clean up your face and beard with lukewarm water and dry the area with the towel. Comb your goatee and recheck if it is the way you wanted it to be.

Nurturing and getting the right goatee style takes time and effort. Thus be careful when you try to actually trim and shape the facial hair to a bearded goatee style. And of course, after attaining the goatee, you must ensure proper maintenance of it.

Growing a Balbo Beard Style

Before getting to the task of shaping and turning your beard in a Balbo style, you must let the facial hair grow for at least 3 – 4 weeks of time. It is the best fit for people who have hair on their mustache, chin and soul patch. Also, let your hair grow longer to give them the proper shape and style of your choosing.

How to Trim the Facial Hair for Balbo Style

Following are the steps that you need to follow to shape your facial hair in Balbo style, and look amazing with it.

1. The time you decide to trim your beard for Balbo style, start trimming from the ears. Make sure you shear the beard in the inside direction, so as to achieve even balance on both the sides of the face.

2. As you trim your way to Balbo style, make sure to leave ¼ inch of a gap in between your goatee and as well as the mustache. This gives the beard a Balbo Characteristic.

3. Manicure the facial hair that is left with the help of a trimmer. Try to clip the hair till the time they are even and short.

4. Trim the soul patch of the beard in down direction, and ensure that it meets with the hair at your goatee and chin. In addition to this, trim a bit of your goatee as well.

5. This style of beards are usually really short and thus making them look very cool.

Follow your way each step, and in time you will have a great Balbo beard style. But make sure, you leave the hair growing for at least 4 weeks. And before deciding to trim it, ensure that you comb it to attain evenness.

Oval Face

An oval face is just like a square face in terms of styling, because people with an oval face can get away with almost any type of beard style. The cheekbones are slightly wider than the jawbone. Which gives a soft perception of a jawline and a balanced chin makes an oval face a perfectly symmetrical face type. That is the reason that most of the men try to grow a beard to make their face shape look like an oval face. As a famous Hollywood stylists Carmelo Guastella said:

“Whenever a guy comes to me and asks for advice on his facial hair, I always try to find something that will help him approximate an oval face shape.”

So if you have an oval shape, then you already have it balanced and going clean shave is the best option for you. But, if you want to have a beard then it’s perfectly fine too, because, with oval face shape, you can rock any type of beard. But a subtle beard for your face shape with a little darker hair beneath the lower lip will be perfect to make your already symmetrical facial features come out.

Growing a Full Stubble Beard Style

Allow your facial hair to grow for at least 4 – 5 weeks of time. Once you have long enough hair to work with, you can determine the style and shape you want to turn your hairs into. Also, remember to have all the tools and products that you will require while shaping and trimming the beard.

How to Trim the Facial Hair for Full Stubble Style

1. Once you have the facial hair that you can work with, you need to decide on the shape and size of your beard.

2. Depending on the shape and size of the beard, you must start trimming and cutting the hairs carefully.

3. Make sure you do not over trim the beard. Because then you will again have to wait for a week to grow your facial hair.

4. Once you have the beard style and shape in order, proper maintenance is of utmost importance.

Round Face

The troublemaker shape, as I say it. But by troublemaker, I don’t mean regarding handsomeness, because guys with the circular face are as hot as with squared jaw men. I am talking about trouble while selecting a perfect beard for your face shape. And bear in mind that you will need a beard to make your face look a bit sharp with an illusion of a jawline. And to do that, you will definitely be needing a goatee with sides of your face shaved.

Because you need to have a more extended chin as well as edged jawline and to give that illusion to your face a medium grown goatee will be your best bet. As a goatee will give your face an illusion of an elongated chin and at the same time, it will make your jawline come out. Which will add a little bit of hard and pointy look to your circular face.

For a person who has a round face, they can opt for a goatee, soul patch or even a chin strap. All these styles are a perfect fit for a bearded look.

Growing a Soul Patch Beard Style

Once you have some length of facial hairs, then is when the actual process begins to convert them into a certain style. For the soul patch beard style, follow the following step in order to attain your beard.

How to Trim the Facial Hair for Soul Patch

1. Try to give yourself a nice overall trim, with the full-size trimmer. Leave the hair on your soul patch longer.

2. Now make use of the trimmer to trim the hairs under the chin, till the time you are left with a cluster of hair right under your lip.

3. Keep the edges tidy and nice.

4. Make sure you keep the preferred length of hair. There is no limit. You can definitely try whatever you want with it.

5. Now clean up your cheeks nicely, to have the best soul patch around.

Remember, the key to a great beard is the effort you put into maintenance. You take your beard maintenance seriously.

Growing a Chin Strap Beard Style

This is one of the mos sophisticated beard styles that require a lot of maintenance and care. If you wanna keep this style for a long duration then you’d have to keep of trimming the hair that’d grow on your cheeks.

How to Trim the Facial Hair for Chin Strap

1. First things first. Clean your face with water and then apply some shaving cream on it. Run your fingers around the jawline to remove all the cream.

2. Now only shave the portion of the face that has shaving cream applied to it, leaving the hairy strap as it is.

3. When you are shaving your chin strap, make sure you do not tamper with the chin strap.

Chin strap style is amazing, but make sure to do this with ultimate precision. And always shave the hairs frequently to maintain good chin outline.

Oblong Face

An Oblong or rectangular face shape is common among men who also have a long height. But shorter men can also have an oblong or rectangular face. The oblong/Rectangular face is much like the oval shape, it’s longer and narrower. The chin tends to be somewhat pointy. The benefit of having a long face is that you do not have hard jaws because your cheekbones sit just above your lips and next to your nose. So you don’t have to have a goatee and hairs around jawline to make your face look softer.

But the goal is to make your face a little bit close to square to achieve a perfect look. Keep in mind that men with longer faces will not benefit from a long beard. So what you need to do is grow hair on the sides/cheeks of your face connected with your chin. Now to have a squared look, you need to let your hair grow a bit and then have them trimmed equally. Start with number 8 trimmer and then go down until you have a somewhat squared face look.

The style that goes along well with this type of face is the Mutton Chops and goatee. These two styles are the perfect fit for people that have oblong faces.

Growing a Mutton Chop Beard Style

To grow a mutton chop beard style, you need to let your facial hair grow for a month or so. And during the process, continuously clean and comb it to avoid any curling. Also, ensure that the sideburns are attached to the mustache before you decide to trim.

How to Trim the Facial Hair for Mutton Chops

1. Shave the hair on your chin and neck completely. Leaving the mustache to nurture along.

2. Now with the razor develop a slanting line by shaving the hair on your cheeks. And leave the sideburns 1 ½ inches shred of hairs on both the side of your face.

3. Now make sure the sideburn touches the mustache making a triangle shape along the chin and mouth.

4. Trim your mustache frequently to maintain the outline section clear.

Always try to keep your chin clean and clear. Avoid excessive use of blades to repress the chances of you getting bumps.

Wrapping Up

One of these styles included in this guide will be a perfect beard for your face shape. But it is not necessary to follow these styles. Because everyone has their preference and you have your own beard style preference. But to give you a little guidance of how to enhance your face, this article is perfect.

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