Beard Maintenance,

Everything You Need To Know About Beard Maintenance

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Growing is a beard is an easy task because you just have to let it go with the flow. But the crucial and a little tricky part is beard maintenance because as the beard gets longer, it gets more and more difficult to maintain it. People who like to sport a long beard have to take some precautionary measures to ensure their beard stay healthy and groomed. Because beard maintenance is tough for a beard with long hair. The problem usually occurs in keeping the hair in one place and properly styled. Because a single blow of wind can put half of your beard to your one shoulder and the half to the other, which looks like you have a secret passageway hidden on your chin.

But bear in mind that here I am not talking about taking care of your beard because we’ve already discussed that Here. In this article, I am going to talk about beard maintenance , with references to different maintaining and styling products that are best for your beard. Because nowadays it is not just about the growth and care of a beard. Today with the evolution in the style industry, people have made beards a trend.

Years back when people liked to be clean that was the time of ease, as there was no need to grow and maintain facial hair. But now growing and maintaining beards is a new style and to be honest, a face with hair is much manlier than a face with no hair. I mean what will be the difference between you and your girlfriend?

So to be a total package of manliness, you don’t only need muscles. In today’s world, you need a perfectly trimmed and styled beard to deliver the looks of a MAN. With some grooming and beard maintenance, you can take your beard to a whole new level of the styling town. Before moving to the styling and maintenance tips I want you to know that this is serious, and you must have to follow some rules given below:

• Take your beard seriously.
• Never miss your routine maintenance.
• Don’t take shit about your beard from anybody.
• Don’t wait for your beard to complain, groom it when necessary.
• Pay close attention to your beard, how many hair you’re getting in comb or brush, it will tell you if you need any medical help.
• Notice the time period your beard takes to grow; it will help you plan your beard styles and trimming routine.

Once you are disciplined enough to respect your beard, trust me it will make you respected. A beard is not just to have a manly look, (although it is the main reason) but beard also gives you a fuller face and a mature look, which is a new handsome nowadays. So without further ado let’s see what you can do to make your beard more groomed and styled:

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Trim your Beard:

The most important thing for Beardies is to trim their beards time to time. Because if you do not trim your beard regularly, then it will grow in different directions and will be harder to manage and style. Besides, who likes a long and unmanaged beard, with strands of hair poking out in different directions, giving a look of a Cactus. So keep your beard where it belongs and to make it easy to style and groom, your first need is to trim it. So let’s see how you can properly trim it:

How to trim beard properly?

Now, to trim your beard, you need patience and discipline, because sometimes we are in a hurry and we go ahead and don’t care for measures of both sides and ends up having unbalanced sides. Don’t do that, trim your beard when you are fully relaxed and have some leisure time. Also, you will be needing to pay attention to the small details of your beard while trimming because trimming is an art and art requires attention to details and a good chunk of time. The tools you will be needing for trimming are:

a) Comb: To keep hair in line.
b) Trimmer: The main thing for trimming, DUH
c) Clipper: To adjust the size of the trimming.
d) Scissors: To give detail to your beard.

There are generally two types of beards, the longer one, and the shorter once having a growth of 3-5 weeks. So let’s see how trim each kind of beard:

Long Beard:

For long beards, you need a little care while trimming, because you don’t want your hand to go out of control and trim the whole beard, which you grew over the months. So first comb or brush your hair to get them settled in one direction, it makes it easier to trim. Take your trimmer and put the clipper according to the size you want to give your beard. If you’re going to maintain the length and just want to get rid of the edges, try the ½ and inch clipper i-e number 4 usually. Or if you are not sure about the clipper you want to use, they start with the biggest one and work your way down. Once done, clean up the remaining hair poking out, by using scissors to give a natural finish.

Short beard:

For short beard, you need to just make sure you trim your excess hair correctly on both sides to give a shape to your beard. As the shorter the hair, the more your sides will be prominent, and there are more chances of the showing of skin through the beard. So first try to straighten out your hair as much as you can, trim down the excess hair on both sides which are above the actual beard hair, on the cheekbones. Trim those down and try to make an equal beard like on both sides. Then choose the biggest clipper (if you are not sure where to start) and start trimming your sides and then chin until you achieve what you were looking for. You may need to use scissors on mustache and chin to give a perfect finish.

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Best trimmers:

1. Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 9100: Simply the best to give you perfection and guidance to especially trim off the excess hair on the cheekbones. The trimmer is equipped with a laser, DON’T freak out, the laser is not to burn down your hair, it is just a guide to achieve perfection.

Get it from Amazon

2. Philips Norelco BT7215/49 Vacuum Beard: The trimmer is a perfect travel companion because it has a travel lock to ensure that you accidentally don’t start the trimmer in your bags. The trimmer is also ideal if you want to trim without making a mess. With a cutting-edge lift & trim technology, this trimmer effectively lifts and guides hairs for a more efficient cut.

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3. Panasonic ER-GB370K: The trimmer is perfect with a variety of clips of different sizes for you to choose. For someone who is in the initial stage of learning to trim and is trying different styles, this trimmer is perfect for them with its different size of clippers.

Get it from Amazon

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Moisturize Your Beard Daily:

Once you have trimmed your beard, you need to wash it to remove trimmed hair. You can rinse your hair with water if you want, but it will be more effective if you use Shampoo.

Beard Shampoo:

A good beard Shampoo will clean your beard and scalp by removing dirt and dead skin cells, which can clog your follicles. If you don’t know which shampoo to use, just keep reading, I will tell you about the best beard shampoo in the section “Best Beard Grooming Products” below.

So once you have used the shampoo, dry your beard, but do not rub the towel on your beard, as it can cause hair fall, because wet hair are very vulnerable and can be plucked out of roots if pulled. So always do a pat dry until your hair is dried out.

Beard Oil:

Once you are done with the shampoo, use a beard oil. A beard oil has its own significance for your facial hair. You just not only need it for grooming, but it is also essential for the growth and health of your beard. There are numbers of beard oils out there with different properties and benefits.

Please read our article on Beard Oils to get the complete information about them. Just to give you some knowledge about beard oils to get started, it is heavily essential to keep your beard moisturized and to supply nutrients like vitamins and proteins which are necessary for the health and growth of your beard and also prevents your scalp from getting dandruff. In terms of styling, beard oil gives shape and shine to your beard.


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Use Beard Comb Or Brush For Shaping:

Once you have applied Oil to your beard, it will get out of shape. So to make your hair come in line and give shape and style to your beard, you will be needing a comb or a brush. Besides just for styling, you will also need to brush or comb your beard to untangle the hair, as tangling can produce the curling on the hair and can also lead to breakage because the tangled hair are more likely to get pulled if you run hand in it. It is up you to choose between a brush or a comb. However I am a comb person, but still, let me tell you some fundamental differences between both:

Comb on Beard:

The reason that I prefer comb is that it has teeth which have a distance in them, which allows them to go inside the hair and untangle the tangled hair smoothly. The comb is also best for making the hair which is behind hair on the front straighten out to make a perfect style. People who like to travel or want to style their beard time to time will have a great time with the comb as it is small and can fit in the pocket.

Brush on beard:

As I said, it’s all about personal preferences but it is clear that brush has bristles which cannot reach under the beard towards the roots. And that can create a problem in untangling and straightening hair under the beard. You cannot keep it in your pocket due to its size. However, the benefit of using the brush is that it can quickly remove the dirt or food stuck on your beard easily due to its bristles which work as a sweep.

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Best Beard Grooming Products:

I have gathered a list of top rated and highly effective products for your day to day maintenance of beard. These products have qualities which make them stand out from the competition. Before reading about the products, keep in mind that I am not promoting any product here, I am giving you names of these products because they really do the work. So let’s see what have I got for you guys:

Beard Brush:

The Beard Brush by Smooth Viking is one of the top-rated beard brush on Amazon, and it is top rated for a reason. The material used to make this beard brush’s bristles is an animal hair. Which is gentle on beard hair and naturally reduce frizz and tangles and redistribute oils throughout your hair evenly. The price is a few bucks higher than other brushes, but it offers the quality and caring experience to your hairs which other brushes lack.

You can search for this brush on google and buy it from any online store, or you can get this Beard Brush from Amazon Here

Beard Comb:

This small but effective beard and mustache comb by Striking Viking is just the product your beard need for styling and untangling. Beard comb is made of pure and hard sandalwood. The Sandalwood has a deep, warm, woodsy aroma which makes it perfect for beard combs since the scent can be enjoyed while combing. Unlike plastic or steel comb which sticks to your hair due to static charge produced by rubbing against hair, this comb has anti-static properties. Which makes it easy to comb and reduces the chances of breakage of hair.

You can get it from Amazon Here

Beard Shampoo:

Not all shampoos come in a liquid form, this Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard SHAMPOO has all the natural oils your scalp need. The shampoo is free from the chemicals which make is way safer for your beard and its scalp than other traditional shampoos. The shampoo has the MASCULINE woody scent and is really effective to eradicate itchiness and dryness. The company claims that this shampoo also promotes hair growth.

You can get it from Amazon Here

Beard Oil:

This Beard Oil & Leave-in Conditioner by Leven Rose has more than 4400 reviews on Amazon. Which makes it a top-selling product in beard oils category. The oil has the Only 2 Ingredients; the ORGANIC JOJOBA OIL and the ORGANIC MOROCCAN ARGAN OIL which Moisturize beard hair and skin, eliminate itching and dandruff. Apply this hair daily for optimal results.

You can get it from Amazon Here

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.0.82″ border_style=”solid” border_style_all=”solid”] With that said, let’s put an end to today’s discussion. I hope you guys have learned something new and will try out these products for a perfectly shaped beard.

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