Beards, Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea!

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For years and years, growing a beard has been seen as a sign of virility, wisdom, and masculinity. Undeniably from the ancient cavemen to President Lincoln and beyond, beards seem to have an intimidating feature.

The prehistoric men’s grew beard to keep themselves warm from the heat.

However, the acceptance of facial hairs amongst the society has altered, and they have quite regularly gone in and out of the trends. Though in the recent past, beards have made a comeback with a vengeance, and have been donning everyone ever since.

For professionals to athletes to hipsters, everyone wants to have a beard, including yourself.

And from the time you have realized the several benefits of growing a beard, you have wanted a beard badly. But for some reasons, nature has not showered his grace on you, and you are having trouble to grow your facial hairs.

You might have probably thought to accentuate the jawline with beards, will help you to present a more formidable, influential and rugged image of yours in front of the society. You would have thought that nature will run its course and once you start shaving continuously, the facial hairs will start to increase automatically.

There would have been several reasons that might have forced you to go for the bearded look. Maybe it was your girlfriend who wanted you to grow a beard. Maybe the girl you like likes the men with a beard, and thus in the quest to impress her, you wanted to grow a beard. Or maybe, you wanted to grow facial hair because you are too bored shaving them.

Whatever might be the reason for you starting your quest towards attaining a beard is, the important thing for you to understand is, that not all people can have a beard.

Yes, it is the nature’s gift. But it is not for everyone.

And maybe, you are one of the few who is not blessed with the symbol of manliness and dominance. And to help you understand why the following reasons are explained in detail for you to understand, why you are the chosen one and why there is a very less chance of you ever grow a full-blooded beard.

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Reasons why some people can never have a full-bearded look

There are several reasons that are actually the cause of not allowing you to have a look that you wanted, or even your girlfriend wanted, for that matter of fact. Following is the list of reasons you must read to attain the full understanding and the science behind it.

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1. Low Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is like a stimulant which stimulates male development and their sexual characteristics. There are a number of different studies conducted that shows that men with high testosterone level are more responsive and have higher growth in their facial hairs.

Thus the argument, that men who can grow nice thick beards are more proactive and responsive to testosterone.

It is also known that most of the men have the same kind or level of testosterone in the body. But the way their body reacts to it is something that creates the difference.

So in the case where men’s body is responsive to testosterone, those people tend to have thicker and nicer facial hair. And in the case when the body is not so responsive, then having facial hair becomes a dream, than a reality.

A lot of people also relates the low testosterone levels to the genetics group. It has been a point of debate, where people say that is because of your parent’s low testosterone, that you are not able to develop facial hair, the way you wanted them to.

And thus genetics becomes an important and one of the biggest factor.


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The good news though, there are a lot of medical therapies and supplements that can address such issues and help men attain the desired testosterone level.

And if you really want to blame someone for your ability not to be able to grow great facial hair, blame your parents’, and not nature. Because ultimately, nature is running its course. And in such cases, it is not providing you facial hair because of your genetics.

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2. Certain Medical Conditions

There are a few rare cases where people are not able to grow proper facial hairs and thus are eluded from having a beard. The skin condition that causes hair loss and balding is referred to as Alopecia.

When people are suffering from alopecia, their immune system accidentally acts hair follicles. And if you don’t know, hair follicles is the place where the growth of your hair takes place. Sounds unfortunate, right?

But there is nothing to be discouraged about. If you are one of that unfortunate victim of alopecia and are not able to grow hair, it is time for you to go visit your dermatologist.

The damage done to your hair by alopecia is not permanent. And with proper treatment and care, the growth in hair can be seen.

One of the other factors that affect the growth of your hair is an underactive thyroid. It is also known as hypothyroidism.

Anemia, in other words, iron deficiency is another factor that results in slow hair growth. So if you feel, and know you are suffering from one of the following conditions, it is time for you to see the specialist and get proper treatment.

The thing is, there are a lot of internal physical condition that might be responsible for your inefficiency of not being able to develop facial hair at a greater rate. And hence, there is no reason for you to think, that you won’t be able to grow facial hairs ever.

All you got to do, is to get treated for whichever condition you are having and the positive effect of the treatment will be visible on your hair growth.

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3. Unhealthy Lifestyle

There can be a lot of other factors that are responsible for you not being able to grow the facial hair, as you would have liked it. People also suggest that living a healthier life can add to the way your facial hairs shapes up.

Good eating habits, proper exercise routine, and other hygienic stuff can certainly help to increase the rate at which your facial hair grows.

It has been stated that drinking water from the bottles that have been exposed to sunlight, can cause a reduction in the growth of your facial hair. They say that bottles exposed to sun releases BPA, and thus affecting your hair growth. Not sure how much truth it holds, but yes. They say it.

And of course, if you need to attain great beard than you might have to cut down on your alcohol consumption and your smoking habits. Reduce the amount of stress you put yourself under and start taking good care of your skin.

However, whether or not you can grow a beard even after doing all of this, is a different question altogether. But the thing to remember is, there is no harm in following a healthy lifestyle.

There is nothing to lose for you. And doing the things mentioned above will only do well for you and your body. So beard or no beard, everyone must definitely try to follow a healthy lifestyle.

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Wrapping Up

This being said, there is no one particular reason for your inability to grow facial hair. It may be because of the genetics, it may be because of your skin condition, or it may be simply because of your living habits. But don’t give up just yet. You can do one of the many things described above to take control of the situation and try to make your way forward in the quest of attaining that Lumberjack style beard.

And if you are worried about your baby face and the babyface of your father in his younger age, than go through the process. Let nature run its course, and your time will certainly come. Genetics are genetics, and there isn’t much that we can do about it. So let the things the way they are, and in time, you will be able to grow that beard, if nature is on your side.


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