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Super Easy Beard Care Tips To Strengthen Facial Hair

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When men encounter a hair fall problem, they freak out, and they should be freaking out because it is a nightmare for everyman. But what would you call it if the hair fall problem is associated with their beard? It will be the worst nightmare. After the hair on top, the hair on the face is the best thing a man can have to have a perfect look and also to display his manliness.

But the problem that is growing more and more among men nowadays is the problem of weak facial hair. In old times there was no concept of facial hair fall among men, but now as I said, it has become the worst nightmare for men. The reason of this problem can be the food, carelessness, dandruff, unhygienic routine or the lifestyle we have today.

But whatever the problem is, this thing needs to stop, because if head’s hair starts to fall, then a man has a support of facial hairs to enhance his look but if they start to fall too, then he has nothing to improve his facial features, and that may lead to some serious problems with his social and personal life.

I am a fan of beards and really sensitive about mine. Although it is normal to lose 10 to 20 facial hairs a day. But, I freak out if I even see 2 or 3 strands on my hand while washing my beard, and that carefulness is the reason that I have a healthy beard. Because taking the health of your beard seriously is a necessity nowadays.

So today’s topic is dedicated to taking care of your facial hair. From personal experience and research from the internet, I have compiled a list of some useful tips for healthy facial hair. And believe me, these tips are not just to put content on the Internet.

I took a lot of time to carefully write this article to give you guys something which can really help you with your problem. Because if you are reading it till now, then it is clear that you are a victim of beard hair fall. So without further ado let’s see what I have got for you guys:

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PC: Photo by Seth Doyle on Unsplash

Wash Your Beard Daily

When you go out in the open, your face is exposed to the environment, and as we all know that our environment is filled with micro and macro pollutants. So things like the smoke of the cars and the dirt of the road get stuck in your beard and damages your hair and its follicle. Thus to minimize their impact on your beard, you need to wash your beard daily with water. Whenever you come from outside just try to clean your beard and rinse your beard thoroughly.

Or if you forget to wash your beard during the day, then when you go to bed at night, always wash your beard, as the dirt of the whole day will be stuck in there. By washing your beard, you will not only be removing dirt from your hair and scalp. But also you will be moisturizing your scalp which will minimize the dryness and itchiness in your beard.

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Brush Beard Carefully

One of the many causes of breakage of beard hair is because the strands get tangled with each other, and a little pull causes them to break. If you have a light stubble beard, then it’s not a problem because hair are small. But if you have a heavy stubble with a growth of 3 to 4 weeks. Then you need to comb them daily as there is a chance of hair getting stuck with each other which can cause breakage while washing or running a hand on them.

So for heavy stubble, you need a small comb, preferably a wooden comb with little teeth which will adequately entangle your hair from each other. But, in case of a full-grown beard you need a small brush with little wider teeth to properly run that brush through your hair. While brushing or combing, always remember to do it gently with light hand and slowly. Because rough combing can also lead to breakage in hair. Remember to comb or brush your hair daily, ideally in the morning or before sleeping.

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Apply Beard Oil

There are numbers of beard oils for you to choose from the market. The oils provide nutrients to your scalp and hair, which promotes hair strengthening and results in lesser hair fall.

As much as you need to wash your facial hair. It has a little drawback. When you wash your hair, they are deprived of natural oils released by the scalp, and that can lead to weak hair. Besides that, it is always a good thing to provide your hair with nutrients rich oil, like Vitamin A, B, C, D, and E . Apply the beard oil daily after washing your beard, preferably at night before sleeping.

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Photo by Felipe P. Lima Rizo on Unsplash

Cut on Smoking

Although it is not a fact, it is firmly believed that smoking also causes hair fall. The nicotine and carbon in cigarettes cause blood to flow slowly. Which can delay the blood flow to your scalp, which can result in slow growth and falling of hair.

So it is better to be safe than sorry. And that’s why I would suggest you leave smoking. But I know it is hard for you, so at least cut the numbers of cigarettes you smoke daily to half, and you will see results in future.

Trim Them

If you have long facial hair and are indeed subjected to hair fall, then it is vital for you to change your style and trim that hair to a stubble. Because longer hair tends to be more fragile and is subjected to tangling and breakage.

So I would suggest you trim your long beard and start taking care of it by supplying nutrients to it, combing it and washing it daily. And when you begin to see a decrease in hair fall, then you can again go back to your beard style.

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PC: beardoholic

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Guys don’t wait till you see facial hair fall and then start freaking out or going ahead and shaving it all. Because that is not the solutions. Or waiting for your hair fall to get serious, so you can visit the doctor, but again why wait for your hair fall to get serious? Why not do something about it to make your hair fall stop and your hair healthy? And that’s why I strongly recommend you to follow these tips and prevent all that.


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