Contest Rules

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BeardMan Club Nov 2017 Online Beard Competition Rules and TnC*. Please read through carefully.

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This is so far an in-house initiative of BeardMan Club. However, we are open for sponsorship.

Who Can Enter:

The contest is open to anyone over 18 years of age (Must have a beard though). No purchase or payment of any kind is necessary to enter or win this competition. This competition is an Indians only contest at the moment.

Beard Types:

Any, there is no boundation for a beard type whatsoever.

How to Enter:

The contestants will be allowed to create accounts and upload their images on the Contest page on the website. Access to the panel will be given to the participants via an email notification or via our official social media accounts. The contestants will be able to upload the necessary details before 30 Oct 2017.


This is a beard contest so we are looking for pictures that are face only or at the max till chest area for a proper view of the beard. All photos must be high-quality photos (not necessarily clicked by a DSLR).


The contest will last for the entire month of November. Online voting will be open from Nov 1 till Nov 25th. The Winner will be declared on 30th of Nov 2017.

Competition Prize:

A cash prize of INR 10,000 will be awarded to the winner, and the winning photo will make it to the cover photo on our official website.


The contest will be judged on two grounds:-

1. Online voting
2. Judge Panel

The final result will have a weightage of 70% whereas the Judge panel will decide for rest 30% of the result.

Online Voting:

Website Profile View: 1 Point
Website Votes: 7 points
Website Shares: 10 Points

Facebook Like: 1 Points
Facebook Comment: 3 Points
Facebook Share: 5 Points

Twitter Like: 1 Points
Twitter Comment: 3 Points
Retweets: 5 Points

Instagram Like: 3 Points
Instagram Comments: 5 Points

After calculating all the online votes, Judges panel will rate every photo out of 10 points for the rest 30% of the result.

***only 1 comment will be counted per person***

The decision of the Judges is final and binding. BeardMan Club also reserves the right to cancel/decline the participation of any contestant.

These rules and TnC are subject to change in certain conditions which are not in our control, so we suggest all the participants to keep a check on the rules page from time to time.

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