Best Beard Trimmers That You Can Buy For Less Than $100

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Amongst the many things that boost a man’s ego, a well sculpted, perfectly pruned beard is tops the list. There’s no doubt that beards are trending and have come to stay. So, like the females have their hair and their nails, the men now have their beards.

Growing out your beards ideally means having to keep them properly trimmed and neat, hence the need for standard trimmers. Ever heard the saying a man’s beard is as good as his trimmer? Well, it’s new and valid.

A beard trimmer is an indispensable tool in a man’s grooming kit. It exists solely to ease the delicate task of grooming beards. In this article, we provide you with the ultimate guide and ideal options available in procuring the perfect trimmer for your beards with less than a $100.

To choose an ideal trimmer, you must bear in mind the basic qualities such a trimmer must possess. Most importantly is that a good beard trimmer has to be easy to use and equally quite easy to clean. It must also be quite sharp.

There is the crucial issue of power supply. This choice varies with lifestyle and preference. Does the trimmer use a rechargeable or replaceable battery? Or does it have to be plugged into an external source of power supply?.

The power source of the trimmer consequently determines its running time or available time of usage. A trimmer using a replaceable or rechargeable power source ( battery), is limited to run some minutes or few hours at most. Generally, such trimmers run long enough to trim your beards. However, trimmers plugged into a source of power can run non-stop. This point is important to barbers cautious of power expenditure.

The blade is a major determinant of how long your trimmer will last and how efficiently it will trim. The material and durability of the razor are important to note. Most razors are made of chromium steel.

A good number of beard trimmers come with additional features known as attachments. A trimmer without inclusive attachments or adjustable properties is a no-go for someone who likes to change his looks. Such trimmers are basically one-dimensional and give no room for variety.

The Price of an ideal trimmer is not as scary as you would imagine. Most beard trimmers are quite affordable costing much less than $100. Only professionals take great preference to the models of trimmers and thus spend much more.

Below are the complete descriptions of available trimmers for the price of under $100. For trimmers over $100 follow our post here.

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Wahl All-In-One Grooming Kit

The Wahl trimmer is a multipurpose grooming kit. It can be used for facial hair, body hair, scalp hair and as a shaver. It comes with an elongated black and white casing with its power switch in the middle. Wahl trimmer is also a dual foil style not rotary.

It also possesses a powerful lithium-ion battery and can be used cordless and is rechargeable. It takes an hour to be completely charged and runs for as long as three hours. Also, no battery life is drained when not in use hence it can retain its power over the weeks. This makes it a capable tool to keep in your cars and office desk in case the need for a quick shave arises. The lithium-ion battery makes it lightweight.It is the most versatile grooming system, with a silicone rubber grip that makes it easy to hold.

The front of the shaver carries a LED indicator which tells you when the shaver is charging. It also has an auto-charge feature that shuts off charging when the shaver is fully charged.

It possesses six combs- beard combs; stubble, medium and full- and three T-blade guide combs. Also, four blade attachments; a T- blade, precision blade, detail blade and a dual shaver blade. The trimmer blade contains a pro-glade blade that allows you define your facial style. The precision blade is much narrower and thinner, allowing for more complex styling. The detail blade has a longer shaver surface and is appropriate for haircuts, outlines, and shorter hairstyles. Lastly, the dual shaver blade has a wide shaving surface for an ultra close and irritation free shave of your head, face or body. So you can choose the blade suitable for your immediate need.

Additional accessories include two cleaning brushes, shave oil, a charger cord and one black zippered carrying case. The Wahl brand is recognized for providing an entire grooming kit for men, so there is no need to purchase any extra accessories.
The price of the Wahl all-in-one trimmer is in between $25 to $75.

One of the few cons of the Wahl all-in-one trimmer is the attachments are washable, but the shaver itself is not. This means that the attachments have to be separated from the body during cleaning.

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Panasonic ER-GB40-S

The Panasonic ER-GB40-S is a cordless, rechargeable trimmer that has the great advantage of being used wet and equally used dry. It is waterproof. It provides an entire range of nineteen length settings so that you can experiment with your shave.

The Panasonic trimmer appears very macho in a slim blue and silvery grey design, with a user- friendly, hollow handle making it easy to grip and secure from dropping when wet.

The blades on the Panasonic trimmer are quick and sharp, at a 450c angle, made of water-resistant, durable stainless steel. The blades can be used compatibly with shower gels, lotions, foams and creams, so it does not cause any form of skin irritation. Its unique water shutters enable for quick and easy maintenance. It is completely washable after each use.

The Panasonic trimmer also works perfectly when dry, so it can be charged up and packed for travel, in the office or wherever you would like. While charging, the LED light at the bottom of the AC recharger stand, illuminates and equally goes off when it is done. Once fully charged, the trimmer runs for a complete fifty minutes. The motor is conveniently silent.

The entire range of nineteen length settings varies from 1 to 10 millimeters. There is also 0.5-millimeter incremental adjustments. You can get whatever look you desire and trim as close to the skin as possible.

The Panasonic ER-GB40-S trimmer can be purchased at a price under $50.

Cons associated with this trimmer include;

The battery charging time is discouraging in that it takes a longer time to charge. Its charging time is 15 hours for 50 minutes of usage.

Maintenance is quite difficult.Although you can clean the trimmer regularly under running water, you are also to oil the blade every time you use it.

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Philip Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 7200

The Philip Norelco beard trimmer series 7200 is a dry trimmer that is both cordless, and rechargeable.It is designed in a sleek black and grey casing. The shaver is slender in shape with a receding end. This Philip Norelco series 7200 beard trimmer includes a vacuum system that makes it stand out as an advanced tech. The inbuilt vacuum system sucks up about 90% of cut hairs for easy disposal and less cleaning up. This inbuilt vacuum system has a high-velocity motor and fan system that create a powerful suction that will lift and capture hairs as you trim.

The blades are designed for a more efficient trim with an innovative “lift and trim technology.” This means the trimmer lifts up the hairs and guides them towards the blade for a quick and effortless even trim. The blades are made of self-sharpening steel, which ensures that the trimmer will always work as good as new. All these features make for a more efficient trim and also help to prevent skin irritation.

From the twenty different built-in precision length settings, you can select your preferred trim length by simply turning the blue zoom wheel until you have reached your desired length. Length is displayed from 0.5mm to 10mm and also from 3mm to 5mm.

This Philip Norelco trimmer is powered by an advanced lithium-ion battery, which is fully charged under an hour. Its running time is a complete eighty minutes of cordless trimming time and can also be operated while plugged in.

The shaver itself is not waterproof, and this is its major disadvantage. For proper cleaning, the head and plastic combs should be detached and rinsed under running water. The plastic reservoir can be easily emptied of cut hairs.

The price of this trimmer is under $50.

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Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler 3-In-1 Beard Trimmer

This beard trimmer has been dermatologically tested and approved. It is usable for any region of the body. The trimmer has a slender body with an elongated black and blue color design and deep incisions that make it easy to hold.

The battery is not rechargeable but replaceable. It can be used wet and with lotions, shaving gel, foams or creams.

On this trimmer, Gillette has provided the best shaver blades which are their signature in the world of men’s shaving product. The advanced blades on this trimmer consist a precision edging blade on one side, making a total of four blades. The Gillette trimmer is super efficient, skin friendly, good looking and highly water resistant.

For all its good qualities, the Gillette Fusion ProGlide styler 3-in-1 beard trimmer can be purchased for as low as under $30.

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Remington MB4040 Beard Trimmer

The Remington MB4040 beard trimmer is a great choice if you can’t afford any of the earlier listed trimmers. With as low as under $30, the Remington MB4040 offers its appealing sleek design. It is a perfectly shaped shaver for a sure grip.
It is portable and cordless so that you can make use of it anywhere and anytime.

The battery is rechargeable, with a LED indicator light. With its charging time of 3 hours, it has an amazing running time of 120 minutes, owing to its lithium-ion battery. The trimmer can also be used while plugged in for as long as needed.

The blades are titanium coated self-sharpening oiled blades, very durable. This enviable property saves time and relieves you of the chore of regularly oiling your blades.

They are precision ground instead of stamped stainless steel; this guarantees a superior cutting performance.

It has nine adjustable length settings to give you whichever style you desire, with one plastic comb and three detachable heads. This trimmer is great for thick hair, and its detailing blade can create sharp thin lines on your goatee, mustache, and sideburns.

It is user-friendly, fully waterproof and easy to wash. The heads are detachable using the quick release button, for easier cleaning and interchanging. Another wonderful feature is its almost silent motor, emitting only a humming sound.

Its minor disadvantage includes its lack of fancy. Remington MB4040 is as efficient in appearance as it is in performance. So it is not that attractive when compared with other trimmers, but it gets the job done.

It also lacks a travel pouch and available sturdy base for holding the trimmer and its attachments.

Earlier users have also noted that multiple strokes are needed to achieve even trims.

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Wrapping Up

In honest reality, there is no such thing as a perfect beard trimmer, but there exists the near perfect one just for you. Each trimmer mentioned above are among the best recognized for their affordable prices. With a budget of less than $100, you have various options to choose from. So take your time, weigh the pros and the cons and pick that perfect beard trimmer to suit your style.

If you are indecisive, you are free to have more than one beard trimmer to keep you experimenting and continuously changing your looks. With the ideal beard trimmer, you can never be far behind from the trend, and the ladies will be just an introduction away. Looking good is good business. Best of luck as you choose your grooming mate.


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