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The BeardMan Club was established in the last quarter of 2017 with an initiative of providing men with a platform where they can interact, give and get suggestions and keep up with the latest trends in beards. The BeardMan Club is a non-profit organization determined to help men with beard related queries in every possible way. The primary purpose of the existence of BeardMan Club is to provide men with effective beard care and maintenance tips and keep them updated with different beard care products in the market.

What’s Special in BeardMan Club

We at the BeardMan Club have taken it upon us to provide the reviews and comparisons of different beard related products to better guide you about what’s optimal for your beard. The idea of this organization first came to life when we realized that there is no platform in India for beard sporting men where they can easily learn about their beards without worrying about the authenticity of the information provided. Because almost all beard clubs try to sell their products without really caring for their queries and problems with their beards.

Our concern for Men does not end here. We also provide an environment of friendliness between our visitors. We conduct online beard related competitions for our visitors and members to boost their morale. The main purpose of these competitions is to help our members and visitors get inspired and motivated to grow and achieve the beard they always wanted.

Our Mission

The sole mission of BeardMan Club is to provide men with the quality and useful insights of the world of beards. The initiate is quite simple to grasp but unique in its own way. Men need some place to turn to when they are concerned about their facial hair. Which are the prominent evidence of their manliness. And here at BeardMan Club, it is our mission to provide them that space. Where they can address their concerns irrespective of their age and backgrounds, without having the distress of getting judged.

Our Vision

BeardMan Club has the vision to work for the welfare of men on a global scale. To help them come out of their shells and participate in the beards competitions and ongoing discussions regarding the concerns about the growth and probes of facial hairs. We do not perceive beards as facial hair only. But we consider them as an asset for men, and we want every man to do the same. In coming years we want ourselves to be at the place where we have educated thousands of men about proper beard care and maintenance. And motivate men with clean faces to come out of their comfort zones and try to grow a beard to experience the full perks of being a man.

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