Beard Winter Care

6 ways to keep your beard healthy during winter

It doesn’t matter whether you have a full-on beard or are just trying to keep your scruff in place, winter has its challenges. While beards help you look manly and rugged, they can also leave you looking scruffy and tired, especially during the long, cold winter months. To avoid that, you’ll need to take care of your beard so you don’t spend the whole winter in a bad beard rut.

Beards are meant to be worn all-year round, especially during the winters! With the cooler, dryer weather, however, your beard takes a beating. It’s up to you to keep it healthy and super soft, so it can look its best. First off, don’t forget the basics. Wash your beard with a quality beard shampoo, and use beard oil to soften it and moisturize your skin.

Movember and No Shave November encourage people to grow beards. If you’re new to growing a beard, you must know that it can be a wonderful companion for cold weather. Beard protects your skin from drying out and wind burns. 

Here are a few tips that will help both expert beard-wearers and those who are just starting out to care for their beards during winter. 

1. Less Shampoo More Conditioner

Washing too frequently during winter can cause your beard to lose its natural oil and natural contents. Shampoo and soap aren’t bad for your beard, but frequent use can and will hurt it by stripping the oil and turning it dry sooner than later. Still, you can wash your beard 2 to 3 times a week. However, it is best to rinse your face and beard every day in order to keep it clear and tidy.

You can also try replacing shampoo with beard conditioner. Beard conditioners contain a lot of moisturizers, and the beard generally absorbs them well. Beard conditioners contain hydrating ingredients such as beard oils and beard butter. Be sure that the beard conditioner is applied evenly so that the beard receives the appropriate amount of moisturizer.

2. More Beard Oil and Beard Balm

First of all, most people don’t realize that a beard is a sensitive, delicate skin area that needs to be carefully taken care of. Beard oil and beard balm keep the beard moisturized. This prevents the beard from drying up and safeguards the skin underneath the beard. 

The three most common problems a bearded man faces are flaky skin, beard dandruff, and hair loss. A great beard oil and balm can address all these issues. Its ability to hydrate the beard prevents your skin from drying up, which leads to dandruff and hair loss.

Therefore, regular use of beard oil and balm is required to prevent such issues all-year-long, but especially during the winter. If you think that the beard oil you have is too greasy, you can apply it at night. Or you can find alternatives that aren’t too greasy. You can apply beard oil, based on how dry or clumsy your beard is, daily in the morning and once more in the evening.

Beard balm is another cure to keep your beard healthy during winter. You can use beard oil and beard balm together.

3. Less Hot Water More Cold Water

Yes, a hot shower is a great way to beat winter cold, but too much exposure to hot water can be bad for your beard health. Hot water strips your beard of its natural oils. The result will be a brittle beard and dry skin beneath.

People who wonder why they have beard dandruff probably exposed it to a lot of hot water. Also, the hard minerals in the water we use to take a shower are not good for your beard. After a shower, don’t let the water sit on your beard. Ensure it is completely dried out.

If you allow the water to dry out on its own, it will affect your beard’s moisture level and make it dry. Keeping your beard clean with cold water can be effective, but fighting the cold with cold doesn’t seem a good idea to me. Therefore, when you are taking a hot shower avoid water getting in contact with your beard. Yes, you can clean it once or twice a week with hot water. However, do not do it regularly.

4. More Trimming and Cleaning

Regularly trimming a beard is a must for bearded men. If you want your beard to look good, classy, and awesome, trimming it is an essential skill. I say to learn – visiting your barber weekly won’t be cost effective and will certainly dig a hole in your wallet.

The blades must run in one direction rather than going back and forth. Running the blades in one direction will prevent skin irritation and ingrown hairs. A well-trimmed beard will certainly be more attention-grabbing than one where the hair is grown all over the place and lacks proper shape and style.

5. More Beard Brushing and Combing

Brushing and combing your beard has a galore of benefits. One benefit is that it keeps your beard clean and in good shape. You may also brush the facial hair to distribute the beard oil evenly after applying beard oil. This will ensure the overall hydration of the beard and prevent any part of the beard from becoming brittle and flaky.

You can brush and comb the facial hair whenever and as much as you want. Nonetheless, ensure that you use high-quality products as cheap and plastic quality brushes and combs will cause a lot of facial hair to fall out.

6. Less Exposure to Snow and Rain

In colder climates where it snows often, it is better to keep the beard exposed to the snow as little as possible. The snow on your beard might be the perfect picture for your Instagram handle, a picture that will also get you a lot of appreciation, but it is undoubtedly not good for the beard you worked so hard to achieve. It can do serious damage to the condition and health of your beard. Your beard will turn brittle in no time and will be more prone to damage in the days to come by.

If your beard gets wet by rain or snow, try to wipe it off as soon as possible. Otherwise, the beard will dry out and disturb the health of your facial hair. So if you are someone who likes to go out during snow, covering it with a scarf will be in the best of interest for your beards health and state.

Wrapping Up

There is no greater disgrace than to let your beard fall victim to the cruel winter. After all, you have worked so hard to achieve the beard you have and to have it damaged by a harsh winter is not acceptable. And that’s why you should follow all of the beard winter care tips mentioned above in order to cope with the brutal cold and windy climate. In no time, you will have a nice, moisturized skin underneath your beard. So fight the winter and keep your beard nourished and growing.

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