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How To Take Care Of Your Beard This Summer

Beard no longer needs to be a seasonal affair. With a heap of quality products and galore of information available, one can certainly sport a bearded look all around the year. Summer can be a tough time to maintain and grow a beard. With the heat already sinking deep into your skin, it takes no time to get irritated. And suddenly you start to give your beard a second thought. Maybe you are thinking to keep it or give it a more stubble look by trimming it or even considering to shave it off completely.

However, you just need to know the right treatment for your beard to protect it from heat and from messing up your beard. In addition to this, beard also has a lot of benefits to provide during the summer time. Beards can help you keep the harmful and life-threatening UV rays away from your skin, thus preventing skin cancer. You can certainly spend a little more of your valuable time to treat your beard during summer, rather than getting exposed to skin cancer, can’t you?

Beard does not come with an expiration date. No matter if it is winter, summer or spring, there are ways to protect your burgeoning beard from all climatic conditions. And to maintain a healthy beard during summer, you just need to adjust your beard care routine to combat the heat that summer brings. Following are the useful tips which can help you in your quest to protect the beard.

1. Try to keep it Moisturized

With the sun beating down heavily during summer, the hot rays tend to soak up the natural oil contents of the beard quickly. Due to this effect, a beard can turn dry, and the skin underneath it becomes flaky. If you don’t keep it hydrated the skin underneath the beard gets irritated and itchy. And in no time, you will start to develop red spots on your face.

Yes, they probably won’t be visible to the naked eye, but those rashes can be really painful to deal with. And if you have read the previous post, you know the importance of beard oil and beard balm and the role that it plays to keep your facial hair hydrated.

For people who have not read the previous post, apply beard oil daily. You can make use of it once or twice, depending upon the condition of your beard. There is no other supplement to beard oil and the benefits that it has for your beard. You can also apply beard balm on top of beard oil. Though do not make it too greasy. In addition to the hydration, beard balm also gives a stunning shape of your choosing to the facial hair.

2. Make Use of Sunscreen

Yeah, you heard that right. It is amazing what we humans can do and invent. So take a moment and thank those people who have developed sunscreen for beards. In a place like India, the sun beats down heavily, and the toll of it can be seen on the entire body. From tanning issues to energy levels, everything takes a good beat down. For years, we have been using sunscreen to prevent the skin from getting heat burns and to prevent it from tan. Now we can make use of sunscreen for the same reasons, but for the beard.

It is fair enough to say that we cannot be indoors entirely during the summer. Thus using sunscreen to protect the beard is a good option and a more viable one. But do not apply the sunscreen that is thick and the one that is used for skin. There are sunscreen products that are specially designed for the beard, and those are the only one that should be used for facial hair. It will help you to keep the facial hair more soft and smooth. And obviously, it will keep the heat away from your beard, maintaining increased hydration in it.

3. You can keep it Short and Simple

Another option that you can try during the summer time is to cut down the length of your beard. If you think that you are not someone who deals with the heft and tedious maintenance activity, then shortening your beard length can be a good fit for you. But there isn’t anything to worry.

Stubble look is as good and popular as the one of a lumberjack. Though it is advisable to get your beard trimmed by the barber. Trimming can be a tricky job, and if you are not confident to do it, then getting the perfect shape and style is too difficult to achieve. Thus, pay a visit to your barber and get the job done.

4. Hydrate Yourself

Forget about anything, drinking more water during summer comes with a bunch of benefits for your health and physical condition. Among these benefits, the beard is something that also gets benefited. We all know that drinking extra water keeps your skin healthy and glowing. In the same way, water can prevent breakage of hair loss from inside out.

Thus drink more and more water. Try doing at least 3 – 4 liters of water each day. Water is known to save humans life and is of utmost importance for human survival. In the same manner, it is one of the things that saves our facial hair. So keep drinking more water and maintain your hydration level on the higher side.

5. Avoid Swimming Activities

For someone who is a regular swimmer and also loves to sport a beard, man, you cannot have it both. Swimming is not good for the health of your beard and is something that needs your attention sooner rather than later. Swimming in summer can elevate the irritation level to new highs creating a complete chaos for your skin.

Pools contain water that is salty and has a lot of chlorine amount in it. When the pool water gets inside the beard and through it, it causes the facial hair to dry up. This dryness causes irritation and burning sensation on your skin. So avoid any swimming activities if you are not doing it professionally. And if you are, simply get rid of the excessive hair and go for a stubble look.

6. Make use of Beard Conditioner

The facial hair get more coarse and rough as compared to other hairs on the body. And as already discussed in this post, the effect of rough, hard and dry hair can be severe for your beard health. Thus it becomes extremely important for you to keep your beard as soft as possible. Condition your hair with beard conditioner during the night before you go to bed. This will help to restore the softness and shininess in your beard.

After a good night sleep, wash and soak it completely dry after having a shower. Apply oil on your beard later and comb it with beard comb, to spread out the oil evenly throughout the beard. This thing will help you to keep your beard moisturized for the most part of the day. Use conditioner regularly and at least 2 – 3 times a week.

7. Cover up the Beard

Like said previously, staying indoors throughout the summer is not a viable option. Yes, applying sunscreen can be a great option to protect your beard. But to add an extra layer of protection, you can always try to cover up the bearded region with some sort of scarf. This can prevent the heat from reaching inside the beard and to your skin. This option works in a similar way as using a hat for your heard hair. Adding an extra layer of protection isn’t going to cost too much, so why not do it, than crying when the beard seems to fall away.

Wrapping Up

There is no worse feeling than letting your beard fall prey and become a victim of the summer heat. Believe us; you will feel absolutely gutted when you realize that the reason for the demise of your flourishing beard is the heat and your carelessness. Thus it becomes important to understand the necessity of beard care in summer.

Doing a few things little different than normal will allow you to maintain the health of your beard. Beard should not come with any expiration dates. And if you believe that summer is an expiration date for your beard, then there is no sadder thing in the world for you. Follow the beard care process in summer, and there is definitely no reason for you not to have a beard that stands apart from the rest.

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