Beard Styling Mistakes

Common Beard Styling Mistakes You Should Avoid

Common Beard Styling Mistakes You Should Avoid

Beard is a way of life for many people these days around the world. They spend hours and hours, thinking, growing and caring about their beards. And why shouldn’t they? It became a part of their life after all.

Beard styling, however, is one of the most tedious, yet decisive parts of having a beard. Beard styling is a matter of precision, steady hands and knowledge. You cannot have a burgeoning beard if you lack in any of them.

Slightest of mistake and lack of concentration while styling the beard and you have lost months of time in growing it. Of course, it doesn’t matter if you’re one of those who considers beard as an afterthought.

The beard accident won’t affect you much if your facial hair started growing because you couldn’t find the razor.

Though for people who have spent hundreds of dollars and months of time, in growing that facial hair, sloppiness even for a second can turn out to be disastrous.

Yes, we all make grooming mistakes. And facial hairs are something that can be grown back again if you meet with an accident.

Though, it is always better not to make certain mistakes, which can save you abundant time and effort.

Beard Styling Mistakes

Just like your hairstyle and scalp, beards too require proper maintenance and care. And a man armed with the right knowledge, steady hands and tools can sport a beard which is loved and admired by others.

In this post, we will discuss the common beard grooming mistakes that everybody makes while styling their mustaches or beards.

1. Avoiding Beard Care Products

A facial hair more or less have the same properties as the hair on our heads. And just like we need to take care and nurture the hair on our head, we must do the same for our facial hairs as well.

Avoiding beard care products is one of the biggest mistakes that any bearded men can make.

These products play a crucial role in grooming and styling your beard. These are the products that will keep your beard healthy and alluring to others and you.

Yes, these products can be expensive at times, but one should already know that beard is high maintenance stuff.

Out of the many beard care products out there in the market, few crucial unavoidable products that you must have in your beard styling kit are – beard oil , beard conditioner or beard wash shampoo, beard balm and beard comb.

Beard oil is extremely important to keep your beard hydrated and moisturized, in order to prevent it from drying. The dryness in beard can result in quick hair loss, beard dandruff and soon you will realize, you have no hair to style.

Just like beard oil, beard shampoo and conditioners are needed to keep the beard soft and clean. Whereas, beard balm helps to style your beard in the shape of choosing. Beard comb, also keeps the facial hair clean and gives the direction to beard to grow.

These products are extremely important if you need a beard which is admired and lovable. Or if you need a bad beard, you can ignore the products described for styling.

2. Over Trimming and Under Trimming

Styling a beard is a matter of precision. The right length and shape are of utmost importance for your beard to look burgeoning. Many people fail to realize the importance of trimming and the effect it can have on a good looking beard.

Of course, you don’t need to use a trimmer for the initial month of your beard growth. But once you have facial hairs, it is important to get them trimmed, to do a proper styling and get the right shape.

There are people who won’t trim at all, and this is the people who end up creating a bird’s nest on their face. And for people, who don’t have uniform hair growth on all side of faces, there will be nothing uglier, if you don’t trim to attain uniformity in your beard.

And if you are one of those who does trim their beard, ensure you do not put the trimmers on, in any kind of haste or hurry. Trimming is not a last minute thing. People who perform it as last minute thing, more often than not, end up over trimming the beard.

Trust me, there is no worse feeling to let your beard become a victim of a hurry. Take your time, remember how long it took to get the beard you have right now, and then decide what you need to do. Do not over trim because you are in a hurry to reach to a party.

3. Cutting the Moustache Too Short

There is no worse look than having a short mustache and a longer grown beard hair. It is like putting a tag of creepiness on yourself. Though there is a difference in doing this intentionally and getting it naturally.

The one who cuts down the mustache short intentionally looks weird and can be known by the look of it. However, for people who have short mustaches naturally as compared to their beard, they have a more natural look, and it looks stubble, to be honest.

But for someone who does it intentionally, needs to let the mustache grow back to the size that corresponds and goes well with the beard, in order to attain the attention of people in a good way.

Avoid yourself from getting into a weird look and be the man of good choices. Avoid the over shortening of mustaches with longer beards, the next time you are on a styling hunt.

4. Not Having Complimentary Hairstyle

A man looks great when his beard is matched with an awesome hairstyle that compliments his beard. When this two thing comes into act together, there is no way on Earth, why you cannot attain that killer look, which is loved by women out there on the streets.

This is one of the most common mistake that bearded men make all over the globe. They fail to understand the importance of complimentary hairstyle and what it has to offer to your look.

We are not saying that you need to accommodate yourself to the trendiest hairstyle out there, but it will be great if you get a hairstyle that suits your beard. It will only enhance your overall look.

Thus, go visit your barber right now, and ask him to get a style that matches with your beard perfectly.

5. Clipper Settings

Beard and sloppiness are two things that you do not want to see on the same tray together. Because when this happens, funny disasters are bound to happen.

Well, they are not so funny for the person who fell victim to it, but yes, for others, they are really funny.

To avoid such a grooming mistake, always ensure that you check the setting on your clippers. It might be possible that your clipper setting would have changed from the last time you used them.

And if in reality, it changed from the last time and you end up using the clippers with changed settings, shit is about to get real.

Such instances are hard to happen if you live alone or with family, who doesn’t make use of your clippers. But for people living with their friends, and with someone who regularly uses your beard products, it is a must for you to check the clipper setting every time you make use of it.

You need not want to be an in a position, where one day you wake up and use clippers without checking the settings and end up shaving your beard because it was set on number 1.

It is funny, but it can be a reality. So always double check your tools and products, before using them and save yourself from that unexpected need to shave the beard.

Wrapping Up

Beard is a symbol of pride and honor for most people out there. Yet, most of them make silly mistakes at the time of styling their facial hair. Though the cost that needs to be paid for such mistakes can be huge and you might end up, spending a lot of time and effort again to regain your facial hair.

However, this post will help you to understand what things you need to take care of, while styling and trimming your beard. Beard care and maintenance is not easy, but as well know, it is of paramount importance for bearded men. Thus spending an extra hour on it, will do no harm, but will only save you lot of time and effort and troubles. And as already said, having a beard is a matter of precision, steady hands, and knowledge.

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