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The Beard Oil Encyclopedia, Everything You Need To Know

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With beard trends going in and out, you need to adapt to different beard styles, and for that, you need to make your beard thicker and healthier. You will also be required to make your facial hairs listen to you because in beards the hair is usually curly and can be really hard to set in one direction. To achieve perfectly styled “Mr. Perfect” look you will have to have something perfect. And the ideal thing for your beard hair is, of course, a beard oil, which will give shine to your hair, protect them from getting weak, and is free of chemicals which are found in styling products.

If you want a healthy and fuller beard as I mentioned above, then for your daily grooming need, you should depend on the beard oil. But, with beard oil, there is a little issue, and that is about knowing your oil. People just go ahead and buy a beard oil, without knowing its uses and impact on the hair. Just to let you know, each oil has its benefits and uses, just like you can not cook on petrol. Similarly, you can not run your car on vegetable oil.

Every Oil has its significance and should be used accordingly.

So this article (Or I must say the beard oil encyclopedia) is all about Beard Oil because it is integral for you guys to know your oil or else you may be wasting money on something you don’t need. But before moving towards the complete guide about Beard Oil, let me tell you that styling or not, you will need beard oil, so decide your beard growth oil with the inclusion of the care for your hair. So now let’s move on the complete A to Z guide for Beard Oil.


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History of Beard Oil

Beards have always been in fashion, and no one can say anything against that, granted that for some time people went for a clean-shaven, but it was just a burst of emotion to test out the less manly style on men. Other than that beards, whether heavy or stubble is always in fashion. And to maintain these beards something was needed as a product which was recognized by Alexander Rowland (1747-1823), a London Barber who started selling Macassar Oil soared. Macassar Oil got more popularity after 1860 because, until that time, men properly began to use it to style their mustaches and beards.

In Modern Day:

The Beard Oils were started to be manufactured on an industrial level in the 1930s, and different types of oils were mixed to create a perfectly healthy and grooming Beard Oil from the lightweight oils like Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Coconut Oil and Almonds Oil.

To match the health and styling of the facial hair, the Beard Oils nowadays comes with more components for grooming and supplying nutrients to the facial hair. The trend of beards has been on rising since 2006 and many grooming products have been introduced since.

The credit of the trendiness of beards goes to Television media, with shows like Game of Thrones which focused on beards on its almost all main characters. Today’s standard is to make a beard oil which focuses on grooming needs of men with the aspect of high growth in mind.

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Guide for Beard Oils

Guys as I have mentioned above, you need beard oil, whether you want to style your beard or not, and for that purpose you will need to know about beard oils to better judge an oil according to your beard, because no one knows your beard better than you and that’s why only you have to know what to provide to your beard:

What exactly is Beard Oil?

Just like your body needs to be hydrated from the inside all the time. Similarly, some parts of your body from outside need to be hydrated and that mainly includes your facial and head hair. And here, by externally hydrating, I mean moisturizing your beard scalp.

The conditioning and moisturizing of your scalp can be done by many products out there, including some shampoos, claiming to be 100 percent natural. But we all know, nothing can be 100 percent pure in this world. So those moisturizing and conditioning products can cause some problems to your hair including itchiness and hair fall. Because the chemical used in those products can strip your scalp of its natural oils, which can be a bummer in the long run.

So to naturally and adequately “hydrate” your scalp, you need to use beard oil, which will provide your scalp with shine, nourishing and conditioning. The Dove Men+Care hair expert Jason Schneidman believes that beard oil is essential for facial hair. And now that an expert has said that, it means there is something in the beard oil that is essential for your beard and soon we are going to discover that.

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What Is Beard Oil Made Of?

There is no particular ingredients list for a beard oil because every company has their own secret ingredients and every other beard oil is made from a mixture of some other oils. This depends upon the need of your beard.

There are numbers of different types of beard oil in the market which have various purposes and uses from each other. Some beard oil work for dandruff, while some work for itchiness. Some have no fragrance while some are scented. Some serve the purpose of providing supplements to your hair and scalp also known as beard growth oil, and some are more focused towards the conditioning and styling of hair.

Thus there are different uses of different oils but almost all oils irrespective of their applications, are beneficial for the health of your scalp and facial hair. Although there is a variety of beard oils and have different ingredients, but to give you a fair idea, let me tell you about the most common and essential oils used as key ingredients in manufacturing Beard Oils.

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Jojoba Oil

The most commonly used ingredient in the recipes of beard oil is the Jojoba oil. The oil is derived from the seed of Jojoba. The jojoba plant only grows in the dry regions of Southern Arizona, California and Northwestern Mexico, which makes it one of its kind.

The reason for Jojoba’s popularity is the reason of it being closely resembling the natural oil skin produces. The Jojoba Oil is used in many cosmetics products like moisturizer, lotions, conditioners, shampoos, etc. It has a light aroma and does not affect the scents of other essential oils added in the Beard oil. The Oil is very stable and will not go bad if left for years.

Benefits: The Jojoba Oil is excellent for anyone with dry and damaged looking beard because it absorbs into the hair and the scalp. The Jojoba also possess the properties of a fungicide, which means it also prevents and fights fungus.

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Argan Oil

The rare and one of the most effective oil for hairs is no doubt the Argan oil. Although it is not used commonly for beard oils, it is of very high quality. The Argan Oil is derived from the fruit kernels of the Moroccan Argan tree. Due to the rareness of the oil, it is very expensive.

The oil is full of vitamins and nutrients like carotene, squalene, tocopherols, phenols and fatty acids. All of these are beneficial for the nourishment and growth of your beard.

The best thing about Argan oil is its rate of getting absorbed which is pretty fast, and it also does not leave any oily residue, but it has an odor that is a bit like fat and nuts. The oil is highly vulnerable to sunlight and can be spoiled if kept for long. It is optimal to store the oil in cool places.

Benefits: The benefits come with this oil are in variety. The oil is anti-inflammatory as well as anti-bacterial. It also moisturizes your scalp and also possess some rare properties which help in anti-aging.

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Grape Seed Oil

The oil is pressed from certain types of grapes which include Riesling and Chardonnay. The Grapeseed oil is an extremely beneficial and diverse in terms of uses. It can be used for food preparation, aromatherapy, massage, skin care, etc. The oil repairs your damaged hair as it has a highly needed fatty acid for hair that is the Omega 3.

The oil is perfect for someone, whose skin does not absorb oils completely. The shelf life of this oil is not that long compared to other oils, but it can last a decent amount of 6 to 12 months.

Benefits: The Grape seed oil is a non-allergenic and anti-inflammatory oil. It fights against the worst enemies of your skin that are wrinkles and acne. It also helps in controlling dandruff.

beard oil
how to make beard oil at home

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Castor Oil

The Castor oil is acquired from the seeds of the plant that is also called Castor oil plant because the plant was named after the oil. The diversity of the uses of this oil is quite remarkable as it is used in manufacturing soaps, plastics, brake fluids, hydraulic, waxes, perfumes, nylons, paints, lubricants, and dyes, etc. The Castor oil as compared to other oils is usually used for beards which are very thick and heavy but it still surprisingly gets absorbed well.

Benefits: The oil has the properties like antibacterial and antifungal. The Castor oil stimulates hair growth which is necessary for hair. It also moisturizes, conditions and nourishes your beard hair.

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Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet almond oil is one of the most commonly used ingredients in the beard oil, may be due to its diversity of benefits and inexpensiveness. It is derived from the human-friendly type of Almonds which is sweet Almond. It has a light nutty and sweet odor.

The oil works best in harmony with other oils, and that is why it is essential in beard oils. It can remain usable for 12 months approx. And is vulnerable to extreme heat.

Benefits: The key ability of this oil is that it reconditions, softens and soothes the hair and scalp. The Oil is absorbed swiftly but can leave a slight hint of oiliness on your beard.

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Fractionated Coconut Oil

The Fractionated Coconut Oil is prepared from the Virgin Coconut Oil. It is transformed from Virgin Oil to Fractionated Coconut Oil by doing some chemical changes, which turns the viscous Virgin Coconut Oil into a more liquid Oil and also refines it.

Making it easier to be used in beard oil recipes. The oil has an almost indefinite shelf life and is odorless. The oil is light, it penetrates and gets absorbed in the scalp quickly and does not leaves a greasy effect.

Benefits: The Fractionated coconut oil protects beard hair and is excellent in retaining moisture. The oil will condition your beard, protect it as well as help it is growing.

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Why do You Need Beard Oil?

Everyone has been a place where their beard grows out, but then it starts to create feelings of itchiness and develops dandruff. And in some extreme cases, the beard hair begin to fall, and people usually end up shaving the whole thing.

All of this happens because of poor handling and caring, and a bigger beard needs some products to handle and take care of it.

The longer your beard hair gets, the more curly it can get, which can also result in an irregular beard, with hairs poking out hair and there. To solve that problem people often use trimmers to trim that extra hair, but they never achieve desired results, and there is always some hair remaining.

So to solve all of these problems, you will be needing a healthy product which will also groom your beard, and what’s best than a safe, natural and healthy beard oil, which will give your beard a style, condition it and also provide vitamins and other essential nutrients to it, to make it sturdy and increase growth.

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How to Use Beard Oil?

Using the beard oil the right way will also enhance its effect. Because Beard Oils works best in specific ways and for that, some certain things should be done to experience an optimal outcome.

The first thing that you need to do is dry your beard if you have washed it. Don’t forget to pat dry because rough drying can plug your hairs out. Remember to completely dry your beard, especially from the scalp where roots exist, because that area is not exposed to outside, so the water remains there for a longer time.

Once you have dried your beard, make sure to set it straight with a beard comb, it is not necessary, but it will be less messy in that way. After drying and setting your hairs in place, follow the following steps:

• Start with putting just 2 to 3 drops of Beard Oil on your palms; you should always start with less as more oil may not get absorbed entirely leaving you with a greasy look. You can always take more oil if needed.

• Once you have the Beard oil in your Palms, rub it to make sure it covers all your palm. It will be effective while running palm through your beard, as your palm will include more parts of your beard.

• Start by putting Beard oil on the sides of your beard. Gently spread the oil by brushing your palm and fingers through the sides of the beard.

• After that If your palms are completely dried out, take another 2-3 drop, spread on your palms and brush on the front of your chin area from up towards down.

• Then bring your hands at the back of your chin’s beard and do the same but work your way up this time.

• Once you are done putting oil, comb your beard again to distribute and place oil everywhere especially on the scalp.

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The Optimal Time To Apply Beard Oil.

The frequency of appliance of beard oil varies from season to season due to climate and atmosphere. In winters you will need more beard oil, and on a daily basis, because of the dryness and in summer you will not require the frequent application of beard oil.

So let me tell you the best timing of apply Beard oil in general.

The optimal timing to put oil in your beard is when your hair is softest and cleanest, and you can achieve that once you have taken a shower, preferably in lukewarm water, which will properly clean your hair and clear out dirt stuck in your follicles.

Because in that situation, your beard hair and its scalp will be able to absorb the oil more efficiently and due to the removal of dirt, the oil will reach to your follicles efficiently and quickly.

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When to Wash Beard Oil?

Although people take showers every day or in alternate days which itself washes the Beard Oil. But in winters, it gets tougher to take a shower every day or even on alternate days, so washing your beard oil becomes a necessity in those days.

The most effective way to tell if your beard oil needs to be washed off is to run fingers through it and feel the greasiness and oiliness in your beard. If your beard hair seems greasy and heavy, it means that the oil has been completely absorbed and your beard is now storing dirt on it, which is making your hair a little bit heavy.

So if your hair feels greasy, go ahead and wash your beard, by using a beard shampoo which will be effective in cleaning all the dirt and oily effect from your beard.

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Can I Use Beard Oil on Mustache?

Just like your beard, your mustache also needs nutrition’s and conditioning, although hair on your mustache is very strong as compared to the strands on beard. But why wait for something to happen, so to take care of your mustache you need a product which not only nourishes and conditions it but also grooms it and makes it shiny.

So for that purpose, there is no product in the market, but you can use beard oil on mustache without any fear because there are no side effects of beard oils and they will condition your beard and will also provide nutrients to your mustache hair.

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Risks of Bead Oils and Side Effects

To be honest, there are not many risks associated with beards oils as they are organic and healthy, but in certain conditions, the use of beard oil can be a little bit of a problem, let’s see what the possible risks associated with beards are:

Allergic Reactions:

According to an Oleg Maksimov, a Ph.D. in chemistry and working at American College of Healthcare Sciences, Beard oil can trigger allergic reactions if oxidized. Simple, if the essential oils in your beard oil get exposure to the particular type of air and heat, they can become oxidized which means it can turn into a weak acid which can cause allergic reactions. So to stay safe from Allergic reactions, store your oils in a cool place and keep their lid close when not using.


There are numbers of components blended in a Beard Oil, and among them, there is a citrus oil which is essential in a beard oil due to many health benefits. However, it can cause skin burns if exposed to UV light for an extended amount of time. People with Pale skin should look for oils without citrus oil or if you don’t find any, then try to keep your oil as much away from the sunlight as possible.

Synthetic Fragrances:

Beware of fragranced Beard Oils, and there is a possibility that they put a harmful effect on your beard because of the fragrance used in them is not natural, making the beard oil unnatural. It can put a bad impact on your skin. When buying a beard Oil, try to avoid Oils which have “Fragrance” included in their ingredients.

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Things to Know Before Buying a Beard Oil

There are some specific things that you should do before purchasing a Beard oil because it is as vital as your hamburger, so make sure to inspect it thoroughly. Before buying a beard oil, check of the things given below:

Carrier Oils

Carrier Oils serves the purpose of carrying essential oils into your skin. When you are going to buy a beard oil, you can find its carrier oils in the ingredients listings. The carrier oils are harmless only if purchased according to your condition because most people are allergic to some oils and that can be a problem.

If you are allergic to almonds oil, make sure to check for almonds oil in the ingredients listing of a beard oil to avoid that product and save yourself from getting an allergy.

Essential Oils’ Fragrance

These oils are the primary product which will affect your beard and scalp. Almost all essential oils have a particular smell. When you apply those oil to your beard, you will feel a hint of the scent of the essential oil used in the product.

Although it is not a bad thing, Some essential oils have a bad smell which can irritate you, and also to the people around you. Before buying the Beard oil, make sure to check for its fragrance.

Size of the Bottle

If you don’t have a specific brand yet and are trying a new beard oil, you don’t want to purchase an oil which either has a bad smell or is not effective on your beard.

Because if you do so, you may end up wasting a lot of money and energy. To avoid this, make sure to purchase the smallest size bottle when experimenting with a new beard oil.

Other Important Things:

Always make sure to check the ingredients, to know if the oil is scented or not, because some people prefer non-scented and if you buy a scented one, you may have a problem. Make sure to check for the expiration date, because if you unknowingly purchase an expired Beard oil, you may seriously mess up your beard or worse.

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Beard Oil vs. Beard Balm

To be honest, both are very different from each other in almost all aspects, let’s see what difference both have:

Beard Oil:

As you already know, beard oil has a lot of nutrients and softens your hair. It gets rid of split ends and helps you maintain a beard. It is also helpful in styling your beard, but up to some extent.

The beard oil can leave a greasy effect on your beard if not massaged carefully. Beard oil is less viscous than the Beard Balm and very light in nature meaning it does not hold your beard, and a fast blow of wind can mess up your beard.

The benefit with beard oil is that it supplies essential supplements like vitamins and biotin to your beard allowing it to increase its growth and also makes your beard thicker and fuller.

beard oil vs beard balm,
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Beard Balm:

This is somewhat different from a Beard oil, maybe because its purpose is to help in styling not supplying essential supplements to the hair. It is more vicious in nature than a Beard Oil.

Beard Balm helps your beard in moisturizing, but it does not assist it in growing or getting thicker. Its sole purpose is to provide a hold to the irregular hair which cannot be adequately maintained with a beard oil.

However, if you like to run your hands through your beard, then Beard balm which does not get absorbed into the beard, can get your hands coated in it. Although your hands will smell nice, it will leave an irritating residue on your fingers and palms.

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Can We Style Beards By Just Using The Beard Oil?

Yes, you can style your beard by just using the beard oil and a good trimmer, which is essential if you have a long beard. Because the longer your beard is, the more you will have irregular hair, and beard oil can only shape and hold the uneven hair up to a certain extent, after that, you will have to trim that hair to keep your beard in line.

You can style your beard with the beard oil. It will give shine and a little bit of hold to your hair which will help in shaping your beard. But if you have a long beard, then I would suggest you do not entirely depend on the Beard oil, as it will not have that extreme hold on long hair, however in stubble and heavy stubble, beard oil can be a handy item in styling.

But in the full-grown beard, try to use beard balm in combination with beard oil, it will have a good grasp on your hair.

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Best and Effective Beard Oils in the Market:

If you can afford the beard oils in the market which make a difference then you should buy one of these top 3 beard oils I have suggested below:

Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil

The oil that has been the part of Amish culture and has been passed down from generations to generations is perfect for your beard needs. The oil is handcrafted and has a light and pleasant aroma which will make you feel fresh. The oil is perfect for people with dandruff and itchiness as it eliminates both and also promotes hair growth.


The main ingredients of this beard oil include Avocado oil, Sweet Almond oil, Pumpkin seed oil, Jojoba oil, Argan oil and Kukui oil.

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Woodland Harmony by Seven Potions

This magical oil will be perfect for your casual grooming needs. It will tame your beard to stay in shape and will also make your hair lighter and silky soft which will make them more manageable. The oil also has a unique Woodland Harmony’s Scent which is “The Robustly Rustic.” The all natural oils will help promote growth and prevent split ends. It will also be absorbed quickly.


The Woodland Harmony by Seven Potions contains a blend of different vital and essential ingredients including Jojoba oil, Crambe seed oil, Sweet Almond oil, Apricot kernel oil, Aloe vera, vitamin E, sandalwood, cedarwood

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All Naturals Organic Beard Oil & Leave-In Conditioner

If you want to look bold with a shiny and soft beard depicting your masculinity, then the All Naturals Organic Beard Oil & Leave-In Conditioner will take care of it. The product conditions your beard in depth and makes the outside of your beard look better than ever. The oil will provide moisture to your scalp and will heal your follicles. It also helps you get rid of the itchiness and eliminate dandruff.


The All Natural Organic Beard Oil comes with a bunch of oils that have different but effective functions, the key oils blended in this Beard oil are Vitamin E oil, Organic Jojoba oil, Spinosa and Organic Moroccan Argan oil.

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How To Make Beard Oil At Home

Well, there are many recipes for making beard oil at home, but most of them are filled with jargon and cannot be understood by a common person like me. So for the ease of mine and yours, I am going to share a beard oil recipe with you, it will be effective for your scalp and hair. It might also promote hair growth. So let’s see what I have got for you:

make beard oil at home,

The Conditioner

On the scale of basic to advanced, this is a basic level oil, as the name suggests, it is a condition oil, which means it is perfect for your first experiment. The oil can be made with just the blend of one or two carrier oils and one essential oil, so it’s easy. You can alter the essential oils depending on their fragrance but I recommend the oil I am using. Let’s dive in:


• Dropper
• Sterilized vessel or pan
• Stirrer
• Storage bottle


• Jojoba Oil = Carrier
• Coconut Oil = Carrier
• Lavender Oil = Essential

Method of Preparation:

Follow the given below steps to prepare the conditioning beard oil.

• First, take the carrier oils and pour them into a sterilized vessel or pan. Both carrier oils should be 1oz.
• Now mix both oils with the help of stirrer, until they are thoroughly blended.
• Now comes the Essential oil. Take lavender Oil and put 10 to 12 drops of it in the mixed carrier oils with the help of dropper and remix it.
• Now transfer the oil into the storage bottle and store the oil in a room temperature, away from sunlight. Apply on a daily basis for optimal results.

Growth Promoter Or Beard Growth Oil

Yes, just as the name suggests, this oil will help you promote beard growth with its nutrients rich carriers and essential oil. The oil is perfect for people with patchy beards to grow hair where they want to see them. The castor oil will increase blood circulation which results in hair growth, and the other two career will condition the beard. The essential is rosemary oil will get rid of itchiness and dandruff on the scalp and will prevent hair loss. So let’s see how it is made:


• Dropper
• Sterilized vessel or pan
• Stirrer
• Storage bottle


• Organic Sweet Almond Oil = Carrier
• Fractionated Coconut Oil = Carrier
• Castor Oil = Carrier
• Rosemary Oil = Essential

Method of Preparation:

• Take ten drops of sweet Almonds oil and pour in the sterilized vessel or pan
• Take ten drops of Fractionated Coconut Oil and pour in the sterilized vessel or pan
• Take 3-4 drops of castor oil and pour in the sterilized vessel or pan
• Mix all the carriers with stirrer until they are blended
• Take 5-6 drops of Rosemary oil and add in the mixture of carrier oils, mix it well.
• Transfer the mixture to the storage bottle.

Note: Due to the thickness of castor oil, experiment it from the low amount and then increase if require, because too much castor oil can leave the greasy effect of beard.

For Beard Dandruff:

It is common among men who start to grow a beard to face dandruff issue, at first it does not seem to be the problem, but if ignored it can lead to severe problems like itchiness, irritation, and even hair fall. To tackle that problem and provide your beard the resources it needs to eliminate dandruff, you should make this oil as it restores moisturize level of your beard. All of the oils in this beard oil are effective against dandruff and promote hair growth as well.


• Dropper
• Sterilized vessel or pan
• Stirrer
• Storage bottle


• Apricot Kernel Oil = 1 oz
• Jojoba Oil = 1 oz
• Castor Oil = 5 drops
• Cedarwood Oil = 5 drops

Method of Preparation:

• Take 1 oz of Jojoba oil and pour in the sterilized vessel or pan
• Take 1 oz of Apricot Kernel oil and pour in the sterilized vessel or pan
• Take five drops of Castor oil and pour in the sterilized vessel or pan
• Take five drops of Cedarwood oil and pour in the sterilized vessel or pan
• Mix all the oils with a stirrer.
• Once the oils are thoroughly blended, transfer them to the storage bottle.

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Wrapping Up:

With all of the information provided above, you will have no difficulty in learning about the beard oils and getting the perfect oil for yourselves. All of the information is enough to make you a doctor beard. Whether you can afford a beard oil or not, you will use one after reading this guide either by purchasing, stealing or making one by yourself with the help of above-given recipes.

I hope I have provided some concrete and valuable information to you guys and will appreciate if you provide your feedback regarding this guide whether it is valuable for you or not. So don’t wait any further and get a beard oil to help you tackle your daily beard problems and take care of your casual grooming needs.


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