Does Beard Grow Back Thicker if Shaved Regularly?

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There is a question, lingering in every man’s mind about their hair, not only the hair on the head but also their facial hair. Because these two types of hair contribute to the overall personality of a man. And that’s why every man is concerned about the little details of this hair. The question that I was talking about is connected to somewhat a myth, but that is exactly not completely a myth. The question is “Do facial hair grow back thicker if shaved?” I know you wonder about it too, how do I know? C’mon man I am a man too, I also have a hair or two on my chin. So just like me, every man wants to grow a beard which is voluminous and consist of thicker hair.

Maybe because they simply want a perfect bearded look or maybe they want to be a complete male dominance package to be noticed by their opposites (which is the real reason in 99 out of 100 cases). And for that they try different ways to make the hair thicker and shaving the hair to make them thicker is one of them. So what is the reality? Does beard grow back thicker if shaved again and again? Or it is just a tactic used by barbers in old times to get more people to come to them for shaving? Or is it just a myth like other myths circulating among the guys? And more importantly, does it work?

Today we are going to discover the truth behind this somewhat myth. We will learn about why it is the first go to place for men when they start thinking about a thicker beard and what is the reality behind this “Somewhat myth”? And you have noticed that I am labeling it as a “somewhat myth.” So in the end, based on the facts I am going to discuss here, you will finally get to know why I am calling it a somewhat myth.

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Why do men think about it?

Men are creatures, very close to Gorillas because of the hair. And the visible thing that separates men from women is the hair on their face, and that’s why almost every man who has an adequate amount of testosterones, wants a look with a beard that is filled with thick hair. And the struggle does not end with just having the face filled with hair. Because every man wants to grow a thick beard to rock the styles he always wanted.

But only thing standing in his way is the patches of skin poking out in between his facial hair because of their thinness. And that is the scary thing for every man. They do not want to look like a victim of chicken pox. And this starts the struggle to get rid of that blank area. And to cover up that area, one needs to make the facial hair thicker. And for that, the first instinct of every man is to shave that hair again and again until they start to grow thicker and darker.

Why do they ask the question “Does beard grow back thicker if shaved?” Well, there is no simple answer to that. Because this “somewhat myth” is passed down from generations to generations with different types of reasons behind it. Some believe that shaving hair makes new hair come out which is thicker, while some think that shaving hair makes your pores wide which gives more place for new hair to expand. So whatever the reason is, it leads directly to one thing that men believe and that is “Shaving makes hair come out thicker.”

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What is the reality?

While people are busy fighting over the universal question “Does beard grow thicker if shaved?” I went ahead and did a little research and guess what! It is not true. Sorry to let you down, I know, I was taken aback too. All my life I was shaving my facial hair almost every day in the hope that someday my hair will grow thicker but when I came across the truth that it does not make hair grow thicker, I was very much in a profound shock. But if it is not true then why so many people talk about it? And why they still do it? Well, guys, I went a little further with my research on the topic and found out that shaving hair does give your beard a little thicker look but not in terms of science. What shaving does is that it creates an illusion of thicker hairs and how it does that is really simple. First, have a look at this zoomed image of a hair coming out of the follicle.

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Now that you have seen the image look at the tip of the hair, it is really thin and pointy, right? And now look at the base of the hair pointed by a little green arrow. I think you have got the idea, but let me explain it anyway. Guys when you shave your facial hair, you actually shave off the whole upper part which cuts out the pointy and thinks part of the hair leaving with the base of the hair which is broad. And when the hair starts to grow, the wide part (which is at the bottom) takes the place of the thin portion which used to be there before shaving. And that’s how it creates an illusion of a thick beard.

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Myth or not?

So to answer the question whether it is a myth or not, I merely call it a “somewhat myth.” Because this is not entirely wrong and at the same time it is not entirely true. The illusion does make your hair look thicker, but in fact, they do not get thicker. They remain at the size they grew in the first place. So it is safe to call this process a somewhat myth. Because it clearly conveys the answer hidden behind the question “Does beard grow back thicker if shaved?”

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