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Astonishing Beards Facts You Probably Never Heard Of

Gone are the days when only hairy old men sported beards. In recent times, every kid wants to have a beard even if they don’t have facial hairs yet. The resurgence in popularity among beards lovers is a thing to see and admire. Every nine out of the ten men running around the streets seems to have a beard and something that they really take proud in.

However, what do you really know about the beards? The facts and history of bearded man and psychology behind it. Following are the few Beard facts that we thought you must know and talk about the next time you meet your bearded friend.

Beards and Brigham Young University

In the late 1960’s, beards were banned at the Brigham Young University, and both students and faculty members were not allowed to sport a bearded look. The University saw beard as a symbol of anti-authoritarian rebellion and thus did not allow it. However, since its resurrection in the recent past, in 2015, the University approved beards on campus for Sikhs, Muslims and other students to honor their religion and faith.

Beards and Grief

During the Roman Empire’s period, people started to grow facial hairs, if they were in mourning. Though it is not known why the tradition began, but, it might be because people were more involved in grieving and ultimately had no time to get shaved.

Beards and Records

Sarwan Singh of India was the record holder for the longest beard around the world. In 2011, his beard was measured from top to bottom, which came up to 8-feet and 2.5-inches (approx 2.50 m).

However, it doesn’t even come close to the longest beard of all time. The crown of the longest beard of all time goes to Hans Nilsen Langseth, A native Norwegian and his beard was 17-feet and 6-inches (5.33 m) long and was measured at the time of his burial.

Just imagine the time it would have taken to grow so long, and the kind of maintenance is required.

Beards and The Kings

Back in the kingdom age, the Kings had to have a beard. This might be because beards proved about their manliness. How many of you remember a movie or series that had Kings, but not a beard and mustache? There would make hardly any pointers on the list of kings who did not have beards. The nice, long beard of the kings was the proof of their manliness and dominance. The only king without a beard is the king of hearts in a deck of cards.

Beards and Sunlight

Research suggests that beards are better nourished and grown under sunlight. This is because they are exposed to the much needed Vitamin D. Facial hair grow better in sunlight than in the dark. But this doesn’t mean you will get a fully flourished beard within a day under the much-required sunlight. Everything requires a course of time to burgeon and beards are no different. They will too require their due time to nourish and flourish. Also, beard growth depends on many other factors. So go, get out in the sunlight.

Beards and Fears

People have all kinds of phobias and fears. Some fear height, some fear water, some fear death and there a few who fear beards. People who have beard phobia are termed to suffer Pogonophobia. People tend to experience anxiety attacks, nausea and sweating when they get to close to someone having a beard. They also experience increases heartbeat. Not sure, if this happens by the look or the smell of beards.

Beards and Taxes

Peter the Great, put taxes on people who did not comply with his rule of being clean shaved. He taxed them 100 rubles for the year along with a medallion. The medallion was given to allow the taxpayer to wear the beard for that year. People had to think twice before growing them. Of course, they had too. It was a matter of 100 rubles after all.

In other words, people bought a license to keep their beards in exchange for 100 rubles. However, to let know the taxpayers how useless the beards were, the beard license use to read, ‘The beard is a useless burden.’

Beards and Battles

Alexander the Great, before the battle of Arbela, asked all of his soldiers to get clean shaved. He believed that facial hair could be dangerous in hand to hand combat battles. However, during the time of battle, the beards would grow back again, and the soldiers would continue battling along with them. Later the beards were seen as a symbol of courage and fearlessness. The soldiers were not afraid to be grabbed with their facial hairs.

Beards and The President

The first United States President to wear a beard was Abraham Lincoln. He was asked by an 11-year-old girl to try out the bearded look when she wrote a letter to the President. She wrote, “For your face is so thin, you might actually look good in beards.”

The President took the little ladies advice and started to grow the beard longer and longer. You must, and the President indeed looked great in the beards.

Beards and Absurd Facts

On an average, it is termed that the men will grow 5.5-inch long beard during an entire year. And a man who doesn’t shave his entire life is supposed to save 3350 hours of his life and spending time cleaning the hairs. It is believed that 55% of the men’s around the world have beards and actually like their facial hair look. The rate at which beards grow depends on your genetics as well as hormones.

Beards and Middle Age

During the middle age, if anyone touched another men’s beard, it was considered as offensive. Beards were a sign of manliness and respect. Thus if anyone found touching someone else’s beard, they were in action disrespecting the person, which then became a ground for the duel. Beards were considered to be a sign of honor and respect during the time of middle age.

Beards and Making to the Forbes List

Would you believe, that 98% of the top 100 people on the Forbes richest list belongs to the cleanly shaved people?

Yes, you heard it right. Think twice before you decide to grow beards. Yes, they are stylish and gives you a status symbol. But remember, you won’t get sex, and the chances of you making to the Forbes list is 2% of the 7 billion people in the world. Make a choice, Beard or Money.

Beards and Dust Protection

Having a beard can save you from dust and pollen allergies. Studies suggest, the more the thickness of the beards, the better will be the protection. So there it is social status and allergy free skin. Sport a beard and live dust free life. So if you hate sneezing, let your facial hair grow.

The choice is difficult, but it is you who have to make it. So think well before you decide anything to grow or not to grow.

Beards and Royal Letters

The kings used to attach three hairs from their beards to the wax seal while sending a message to other kings and kingdoms. This was done to add earnestness to accompany the royal message and letter. How cool it is, isn’t it?

Imagine the thinking behind their every move. Everything they did back in the ages, had some reference, indicating one thing or the other. Well, if you want you can do the same while writing a letter to your girlfriend. Though not sure, if you will get sex for that entire week time. It may be a month as well. Depends on your girl though.

Beard and Sean Conway

Sean Conway became the first person in the world to be able to swim the length of Britain. The challenge was so difficult that it had never been attempted before. However, in his quest to swim through the entire length of Britain, he came across various challenges. One of which was the stings to the face by jellyfish. Thus, in his insane desire to be able to continue and became a record setter, he decided to quit shaving and started growing a beard to protect the skin from jellyfish. And the plan worked like charm for him.

Wrapping Up

These are the few bizarre beards facts that you might or might not know, but the thing to admire is the history of facial hairs. The Kings who have taxed beards to the king who demanded clean shave from their soldiers. The list has the complete pros and the cons of sporting a beard. So have a detailed look at it, before you decide to grow and adore the beard. It might have its own advantages and disadvantages. However, the truth has been told.

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