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Beard Dye (ing) – An Art to Look Young

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The grays in the beard isn’t a pleasant sight for any of us. Though gray represents the sign of maturity and experience, still it doesn’t fit the personality. True they start in small numbers, but these annoying prickly hairs multiply themselves day and night. Thus leaving you with no option but to color them and use beard dye on it.

Rolling the clock anticlockwise and imagining yourself with young and vibrant hair colors, is a delight in itself. However, is dyeing the beard hair same as dyeing the head hairs?

Nope. The two are completely different from each other, and you must know everything about it before taking the plunge. In this post, we will discuss the various aspects that are related to beard dyeing.

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Permanent and Temporary Beard Dye

You can choose the permanent or the temporary beard dye based on the duration of dye you need on your beard. The permanent beard dye is a thing of commitment. It is not something that will change with mood swing. So if you are one of those who want to dye a beard first day, and get back to the original beard shade, on the second, then permanent beard dyes are not for you.

But if you think you have the loyalty and commitment that beards need, that permanent dye solution is a great option.

Once you have decided on the permanent beard dyes, it is always in the best of interest to get it done by the barber. Barber has the right tool and techniques that will not end up mucking your clothes.

And since, the permanent dye is going to be a part of you for quite some time, getting it done by the expert and in the right way, is in the best interest.

Also as the beard keep on growing, you will be able to see the difference in the roots and colored beard. Thus, maintain a healthy relationship with the barber. You will be required to pay a lot of visit to him. So keeping him happy with ultimately keep your beard happy.

The temporary beard dye is more of a less expensive option of the two solutions. Temporary dyes will last maximum for a few weeks of time. Every time to wash and clean your face, the color will seem to fade away slowly, but ultimately.

This option is more suitable because, in a case when you don’t like the beard color and desire to change it after a week, you can do it easily and won’t have to wait too until the color is completely gone which takes a month in the permanent dye solution.

Another benefit of using the temporary dye is that you can apply the color on your own and there is no need to pay a hefty sum of amount to the barber.

Depending on the preference, decide which route you want to take on. Also, you might have to choose between the natural dyes and the chemical alternative of them. Here, choosing the natural option is good, because it won’t leave you high and dry. Thus keeping your beard less itchy and your face, less red.

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Choosing Beard Colors

Facial hair is thicker in comparison to head hairs. Thus the absorption of dyes in beards in more difficult. Different brands have different colors. And choosing the right color for your beard is of utmost importance. Thus seeking the expert advice is always recommendable in such cases.

There is seriously no harm in walking to the barber next door and asking his/her opinion. The most commonly used beard dye colors are however black, light brown and dark brown.

However, to keep things simple, select the color that matches closely to your beard color right now. Though choose the color from the darker shade. This will give you beard a natural look, and even it fades a little from a part of the beard, there won’t be any difference to find out.

On the other hand, if you just want to color the grays in your beard, you just need to touch it up a little and finesse the little stray hair. This can be done easily. Just visit the barber once, and ask him to do the honors.

Always choose the color that represents a natural look on the beard. If you try and choose the darker side of those shades, then you probably end up making it un-natural and easily noticeable for people. Try to keep the beard dye profile low key.

In the end, you just want to get rid of those grays in the beard. Thus there is no point for you to flaunt the beard color in public, and to make a statement of beard dye publicly. Because eventually, they will figure out the reason behind your dye.

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The Right Blend of Color and Preparation

Once you know the right color, it is important to prepare to leave the ultimate shade on your beard. And to do so, you need to follow the following steps.

Be sure about the color that you have chosen for dye won’t get the skin itchy and dry. To ensure, apply the dye on a small part of your body and test the mix, before applying it on the entire beard. Test it for a day and depending on the result, decide to move forward.

Do not clean your beard completely before dye process begins. You can even leave the beard dirty, by not cleaning it for 3 – 4 days before the dyeing process. It will be easier to use the color on a dirty beard.

Cover up the upper body. Make use of an old t-shirt or the shirt that you don’t like to wear anymore. The dye can spread quickly, so it is better to be precautious than to waste time cleaning it up, later.

Apply petroleum jelly on the area that is close to beard. This is to remove the dye easily and quickly, once you are done completing the beard dyeing process.

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Steps Involved In Dying a Beard

There is no secret element involved in the steps in dying a beard. The dye product you bought has all the necessary step by step procedure written on it. Just follow the steps on it, and you will do perfectly fine.

The beard dye product will have a brush inside the packaging. Make use of the brush to spread the dye evenly and accurately on the beard. In case if the brush is not given along with the beard dye, you can also make use of an old toothbrush of your own.

In case if the dye product had to be mixed with some other element, make use of the gloves and brush. Do not do it with your bare hands.

In case if you have any plans to cut and trim the beard, then make sure you do it after dyeing your beard. This will ensure the beard dye is done accurately and once trimmed, the beard will have more finesse in it.

After applying the color on the beard, leave the mix on the beard for the prescribed amount of time and then rinse it completely with water. Wash the dye with water, until you see clean water coming off the face.

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Maintaining the Dyed Beard

There will be cases when the beard after dyeing turns the facial hair rough and hard. In such cases, make use of beard oil and balms to maintain the smoothness in your beard and prevent the skin from turning dry. The roughness of the skin is due to the chemicals present in the beard dye colors.

Do a regular trimming and brushing facial hair, as usual, to keep the beard in proper shape and style. And as and when the hair starts to grow, keep using the dye on the roots to maintain a seamless color on the beard.

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Wrapping Up

Beard dyeing is an additional process that needs to be added to your daily grooming habits, once you start developing the gray hair in between that fantastic beard of yours. Don’t worry. There is no rocket science behind the beard dye process. Once you have done it a couple of times, you get to know the inside out involved in it, and it will only get easier with time.

But for the first time, it is crucial that you know the few critical elements involved in it, before taking up the beard dye process. It is important to categorize yourself between the permanent and temporary solutions and then take the more appropriate solution as per your needs. So read the guide, to have fun and look young.



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