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Why Beard Are Awesome And Meh At The Same Time

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Beards can bring about some dramatic changes in physical appearances. From an evolutionary perspective, men have been seen growing facial hair to claim their social status and prove their masculinity. However, in the recent past, beards have become more of a fashion statement than anything else. Yes, the beliefs of being masculine and dominant are still there, but the younger generation embraces it as a form of fashion and trend.

Growing a beard can give you fascinating and challenging times. You have a look at someone in the street with a beard, and say, ‘it looks aesthetically pleasing.’ But have you ever wonder, how much time, effort and irritation that person might have gone through – in the process of growing a beard?

Like anything else, growing and having a beard have their own pros and cons. Thus it becomes extremely important not to take such decision in any hasty circumstances. ‘To be or not to be,’ is a question that everyone has, and to make it easier to answer for you, here are the pros and cons, which you must know and learn.

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List of Pros for having a Beard

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1. Beards Show Manliness

From the time mankind has been known to exists, beards have been seen as a sign of manliness. People believe that men with beards are more mature and manly. Science speaks that, if you have good facial hair, it means that your body is producing enough testosterone. And people perceive that good testosterone levels are a sign of manliness.

Thus, if you are saddened by the fact of society seeing you as a baby, then put the razor down to grow some facial hair and prove your manliness and become an adult in the society.

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2. Beards Keep You Warm

For someone who hates cold and windy situations, growing a beard can actually be of help. As strange as it might seem, beards do keep the cold away and maintains warmth around the neck area. If you are the one who loves skiing than without a second thought, put the razor down.

Beards are absolute angles when it comes to preventing you from cold. However, during summer it can become nasty and might leave you dry and itchy. Beards can be difficult to handle during warm climatic conditions.

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3. No More Shaves

This is the ingeniousness that comes with growing a beard. Once you decide to grow a beard and come week one, you will realize that you didn’t have to spend the first hour in the morning shaving and cleaning yourself. You are not only saving time but also money spent on razors, blades, creams and other shaving essentials.

You will also save yourself from the unaesthetic cuts and irritation during the shaves. Thus, growing a beard means you are being frugal and cool at the same time. Now, how cool is that?

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4. Beards Are Aesthetically Pleasing

Beards enhance the overall physical appearance of men and make them look more aesthetically pleasing.

Research has also suggested, that women tend to more attracted towards the men having a beard. It is because they believe that men’s with beards have a higher social status in the society and more dominant as compared to their counterparts. Yet, clean shaved men’s are the one to get more dates.

Though the reasoning behind this facts are known but is no point of debate that, men with beards are more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

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5. Sign of Maturity

Maintaining a beard is a sign of being mature and confident. Society tends to perceive beards as a symbol of dominance, right from the early ages.

Thus if you are in the twenties and want to get rid of that baby face, sporting a bearded look will be a great way to change the perception of society, your family and friends about you. Having a beard definitely makes you look more imposing and attractive at the same time.

Regardless, whether you are mature or not, grow a beard, if you want to be perceived more matured, dominant and attractive in the society and amongst the eye of your loved ones.

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6. Hides the Scars

Growing facial hair can hide the scars and unwanted marks on the face. It can be birthmarks or some incident, which left you with unwanted marks on the face.

There is hardly anything that we can do about it. But thanks to beards, you can certainly hide them underneath your facial hairs. Though you might have to go through a lot of itching and scratching, it is always worthwhile than having a face with the absurd marks on it.

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8. Gives Chance To Be More Productive

It is said that an average person spends around 3350 Hrs just shaving beards. This equals to around 140 days. Whoa… that’s a long time. Imaging what all can a man achieve during that time.

You can simply invest that time in your work, or maybe doing something that you love or maybe to create new memories with your loved ones.

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7. Other Health Benefits

Studies have revealed that sporting a beard has its own health benefits. It is has been found that beards can save your skin by up to 95% of Ultra Violet rays. This helps in preventing and reducing the effect on you from skin cancer.

Beards also prevent you from pollen and dust and don’t allow it to reach your respiratory system. Thus, if you are someone who hates sneezing, there should be no doubt for you to sport a bearded look.

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8. With Great Beard Comes Great Responsibilities

ok, so here’s the deal.

There are two people. One is clean shaven, and the other has an awesome beard. Who do you think is more caring, committed and responsible.

If you think, that the one with a baby face then this blog sir, is for you.

A person who can’t commit toward his facial hair, or can’t even take care of them, how can we believe that this person is responsible enough for bigger tasks.

At the other, the bearded guy nurtures his facial hair, take care of them and even love his beard so much, so he spends a great deal on maintaining the beard.

So now, think about your answer again!

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List of Cons for having a Beard

Although there is no con as such of having a beard but for the argument sake and just not to be biased, I’m listing all the challenges that you might have to face with a beard.

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1. Itchiness

Beards can cause spiteful blotches. Facial hairs are no different from head hairs. Just like head hairs, beards can cause itchiness and scratchiness. During summer, when the skin gets dried up, due to the lack of hydration, beards can become itchy at times.

To avoid such instances, beards require high maintenance, once the facial hairs have started to grow in numbers. However, don’t let this to stop you from growing a beard. There are many quality products out there, which can help you get rid of itchiness.

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2. Increased Maintenance

After a few weeks, when the facial hair has increased in number and length, they require a lot of maintenance activities. Regular usage of beard oils and balms become a daily routine.

Proper brushing and combing technique also plays a crucial role in attaining the high end bearded look. Day to day trimming becomes important to give the beard the right shape and style.

Beard maintenance is of great essence to not let the facial hair look clumsy and untidy.

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3. Kissing Troubles

If you have a love life and partner, who loves kissing, having a beard can result in a lot of awkwardness. Thus during an intense lovemaking session, might end up having stray hairs in each other’s mouth.

This is certainly and highly not desirable for both of you. So think twice before you decide to sport a bearded look and always remember that you have a love life.

Even the chances of your partner breaking up with you are high. So whatever it is, make a mutual decision when deciding to grow a beard. (ALWAYS CHOOSE THE BEARD). Your beard keeps you warm anyway.

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4. Stray Hairs

Falling and shedding hairs are a part of the human progression. Just like head hairs, hair from your beards are tended to fall here and there, and there is hardly anything that you can do for it. So let it bother much, when it falls into your food or when you are having a drink in a club.

Also, be ready to get involved in the messiness that trimming the beards bring about. Cleaning those small trimmed hairs can be clumsy and untidy. Thus, take all these equations in your head before deciding to sport a bearded look.

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5. In-between Look

Not all faces are made for beards. Beards only look good when you have the right face cut for it. And if your face is not appropriate, do not try to grow facial hairs (although there is a beard style for every face type).

As all you will be able to achieve is an in-between look that will not be appreciated by the people. It might result in people making fun of your look and calling you a Santa Claus or even a Lumberjack. So be sure and consult the right person, before attempting to grow beards.

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Wrapping Up

Involving and creating a new part of your body or physical appearance is no easy decision to be made. You need to look at the various advantages and disadvantages that it might have. And beards, certainly are no different from the rest. Go through the detailed the list of various pros and cons before deciding whether or not you want to grow facial hairs. Depending on what bothers you and what doesn’t, decide whether you want to go about this sort of masculine feature in your physical appearance.

Thus, it solely depends on you, whether you want to grow a majestic beard or not. Whether you want people to appreciate the time and effort, you had to put in to grow the beard that speaks for itself. Remember, with great facial hairs come great responsibilities. And here, it is the time and effort you are willing to put into your beard grooming habits.

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