Beard Affects People

How A Beard Affects People Around You

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The human brain has been designed in such way that it tends to determine the personality of other by simply looking at their appearances. Been there done that, there is no denying to the fact that our initial judgment about a particular person is solely based on their physical appearance. Also, each action of ours has their own consequences.

Whether you spend too much time in the sun or cross the freeway during rush hour, they all have their own consequences. And thus it is said, that actions and consequences.

Beards are no different. When you decide to grow your facial hair, people will try to make out all sort of things about you. They will have their own suggestion regarding it. Some might support your quest, while there will be a few that will question your decision.

But then that is the way our society is, and you got to accept them the way they are.

When you start to grow facial hairs, it affects your physical appearance. There is no denying it. It also brings about the change in your grooming routine. From spending on products to clean your beard, you are now spending on products that help to nourish the beard.

There is a change.

These effects are quite visible and known. But there are some subtle ways that having a beard might affect people around you and those are part of your day to day life. Even you might have been able to recognize the difference in the way people perceive at you, before and after growing a beard.

However, these days, everything around us has backed up by science. A number of different studies and research have claimed over and over again, that beards have a clear and definite impact on people around you.

In this post, we will discuss the factors and the ways that imposes an impact on people and who it changes their perception towards you, since the time you have had a manly beard.

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1. Sexual Charm and Beards

Yes, beards and sexual charm, go hand in hand. You might have probably read about it, or heard from a bearded friend and how he suddenly claims to be more popular amongst women, from the time he started growing facial hairs.

But the question that remains with you is, will beard certainly be able to help you out with women?

To be honest, there is no certain answer to it. And to a certain extent, it depends upon the kind of women you usually come across. If the luck favors you, that yes, your beard will definitely attract more women’s towards you and you will have more success with them.

However, all those different research and studies have continuously suggested that women’s tends to be more attracted to men’s with stubble facial hairs. They believe that men with facial hair are more masculine and romantic. And these two factors are the most important for any women to consider you. And since beards have been seen as a sign of masculinity and maturity from the ancient times, beards will certainly boost your relationship goals.

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2. Respect and Beards

Growing a beard is not an easy task. It requires a lot of time, effort, and determination to able to grow a Lumberjack beard. And having a beard means that you have the ability to take a decision and then stick to it, no matter how challenging the task would be.

Once you are able to prove that you can stick to your words and show them by your actions, you’re destined to get more respect from the peers, colleagues, and friends around you. They will know that you are a man of your own word, and no matter how difficult and strong the tides are, you are not going to abandon your ship.

Thus you will be able to gain more and more respect from the people in and around your life. Beards are also a sign of an experienced person. And with experience comes respect and dignity. So if you are having a beard, or are in the process of growing one, you are definitely going to receive a lot of respect in the days to come by.

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3. Jobs and Beards

Different people have different types of mindset, and their perception of certain things are also different. One such varied perception amongst people is related to beards and job interviews.

A vast majority of employers think like the cleanly shaven personality for the entry-level jobs. However, people with well-groomed beards and grooming habits are perceived more mature and thus has the abilities to land an executive level job as compared to their counterparts.

It has been said, time and time again, that beards make even a naïve look like mature, erudite and aggressive. And this the three traits that are well needed in a high-class executive employee.

But if you are not good at grooming at your facial hairs, then do not enter the interview room with the messy beard of yours. It is not going to do any good to your chances of getting the job. It makes you look really silly, and they will know that you are not serious about the way you conduct yourself. So simply clean your facial hair entirely and then way inside the room.

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4. Trust and Beards

Over the period of time, the trust factor related with beards have perceived differently by people. Not so long ago, studies about trust and beards revealed that people with beards are less trustworthy. There was a particular reason behind it, but it was the general opinion among people regarding beards.

However, since its acceptance by a wider number of people in the society, the trends have changed. People now believe that men with beards are more trustful and respectful. They believe that they are the men of their words and will do anything and everything in their power to fight for the right thing.

People in the studies also suggested the first impression about clean-shaven and bearded personality. They said that they will have more trust in bearded men than the one with the clean shaved look. Although that is just their first impression about them, which is solely based on their physical appearance.

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5. Social Discernment and Beards

People tend to make their own judgment and perception about us, even without speaking to us. And even we have done this at certain stages of our life. These perceptions are solely based on our physical appearance and the traits that related to the feature in our body. The guy with pierced eyebrows and ear might be perceived differently as compared to the guy with a beard. And beard has its own traits associated with it.

Whenever the society looks at the bearded guy, three most common traits about the beards strikes their mind. Well, we cannot say that they are stereotyping, but it is the way people with beards have been looking around for ages. The traits that we are talking about are dominance, maturity, and aggression. These traits did not evolve from word of mouth, but they do have certain things to back them up.

The aggression part of the beard is derived from the testosterone level in the body. For a full nourished beard, you need to have good testosterone level. And thus people tend to think that the bearded guy is more aggressive because of their active testosterone. The maturity part of the beard is derived from the fact that, growing a beard is no kid’s play. It takes a lot of patience and persistence to come up with great beards. And patience and persistence are a sign of a matured guy. So if you have a beard that is certainly associating yourself with such traits.

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Wrapping Up

People will associate your physical appearance with different traits. And based on those traits they will try to judge and perceive you. However, the way they look at you and perceive you is dependent on a lot of factors. And certainly, their treatment for you will be based on the way they judge. If they judge you as a jerk, then they will treat you differently. If they judge you to be smart, they will treat you differently. And if you have a beard, you will be judged differently from the ones that don’t have it. So be sure to wear your beard with pride and honor and also be knowledgeable about the kind of messages it putting across the society about your personality.



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