7 Signs That Prove You Are A Pogonophile

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Beard is an armor that most people like to wear. They are not just facial hairs, they have become a way of life. We live in the age where having a beard is mean to attain paramount respect from peers. The human nature is such, which changes with time. Trends of today will change tomorrow, and people will start believing in something which was lost hundreds of years ago, and the cycle will keep repeating itself.

Beards are no different. Beards that once believed to be lost in history took the center stage again and gained popularity amongst men. The love and affection to beards have been growing exponentially in the recent past, and hopefully this time, it is there to stay and will find the place due to it.

Beard is a treasure, which was lost somewhere in the rich heritage of our history. However, since its revival in the recent past, the love for beards have been growing each year steadily. For many men and women, it has become a thing to admire and love. Though they might not be aware of their affection to beards, they are certainly crazy about it. But how do you know, whether or not, you are a Pogonophile?

However, before getting started with the sign which proves of you being a Pogonophile, let us enlighten yourself with the actual and true meaning of being Pogonophile.

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Pogonophile Definition

Pogonophile is a person that loves or studies beards. No, it is not weird. There are people who love and study about beards. For people, who refer themselves as a true Pogonophile consider beards as a religion and a way to live their life.

People have a fondness for beards that can be dated back to pre-historic times. From the ancient Kingdoms to the Oval Office, all those important decision-makers in the history of humankind wore a beard at some point back in the days.

There is no shame to be admitted or being recalled as a Pogonophile. Let’s face it, people have weird obsessions. And if growing and loving a beard is an obsession, then let it be. There is certainly no harm in it. After all, what is wrong with growing and treating a beard with admiration?

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Signs that Say you’re a Pogonophile

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1. You have mastered the art of Endurance in the Itchiness

Let us be honest. Growing a full-blooded beard is no naivety and requires a lot of patience and courage. Beards take time to grow. Just like plants, they take their natural course of progression, and there isn’t anything that you can do about it. Also, the growth rate of the facial hairs differs from person to person and is based on their testosterone levels and genetics. But that is not the actual concern here.

During the early stages of growing a beard, the facial hairs often bring itchiness along with it. But if you are a Pogonophile, you will know that short-term pain is going to lead to long-term gain. Beard itch is normal. It is a part of growing facial hairs.

Though it is not easy to endure this fact, the truth has been told. You will know that you are fond of beards if you can weather the storm of beard itch.

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2. You look for a Beard in the Room

The day when you were at the party or maybe at the wedding ceremony. Though everyone was involved in each other, having their own conversation and fun; you were more engrossed in yourself and kept looking for that awesome beard in the room.

Now here comes the fun part. If you were men, maybe you would have gone up to him and have spoken about the ways to help nourish your beard. Or maybe it was about the beard oils and balms. Or maybe the beard club that you humbly claim to be a part of. Or maybe the beard competition that you won last month. Whatever it might be, you cannot simply resist yourself by not knowing and talking about beards with your bearded camaraderie.

And if you were a women Pogonophile, let’s admit it, you tried your best to flirt with the bearded men. Regardless of his relationship status, you did not care a bit and just wanted to get close to the lightning beard in the room.

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3. You are not Frugal in terms of Beard Products

Bearded men know the importance of maintaining the facial hairs to attain a high-quality beard status. Your beard is only as good as the time and effort you are willing to put into it. And a true beardman know this. Proper trimming, applying beard balms and oil to keep it smooth and itch-free, is your daily routine.

And as a Pogonophile, you are always on the lookout for the best beard products out there on the market. You also do not care about the prizes of this products and are willing to go the limits to take care of your beard.

Any product that you think might give you an edge over your peer, you are certainly going to add it to your grooming kit. You are on a constant look for the best available products that can help you attain the best beard in the world.

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4. You Grow Beard for Passion

You know that beard is your passion and there is nothing in this world that can stop you from growing a full-blooded beard. No amount of itch, dandruff and beard maintenance can become an obstacle on your road to having great facial hairs.

For Pogonophile, having and growing a beard is not about endurance. It is more of a pursuance of the passion that beholds in your heart for something and in this case, is the beard. It is your pursuit of happiness, and there isn’t anything that can stop you from attaining the beard of your own style.

Each day, every morning, you wake up to groom your beard, and then you start to think about the crucial meeting with the boss. No matter what hardship you are going through, at the end of the day, you have a beard to go to and to take care of it.

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5. You wait for Movember

Gone are the days when you used to wait for that one day when you were born. The birthdays no longer entice you the way they used to. There is no excitement left, for that matter of fact. For Pogonophile, if something is enticing and exciting enough, it is the month of November.

Come November, and all your plans for the Mo Space start to take action. You are more involved in reaching out to a wider number of the audience than to meet your project deadline at work.

Your day begins with a selfie of your beard on your Mo Space and ends with sharing photos of it with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Also, why to wait for one day, when you can wait for that entire month. At least you will have 30 days to enjoy life properly.

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6. You Like to Watch Movies With a Bearded Hero

The thing with the beard is that, once you fall in love with them and grow of its fondness each day, it starts to reflect on your daily routine and the ultimately your likes and dislikes. You no longer like to watch the movies, where the entire male star cast is cleanly shaven. Rather, you want to watch the movies where the heroes have a great beard, and you go to watch the movie just have a detailed look at the style and shape of it.

For a Pogonophile, the beard in the movie is more important than the story revolving around it.

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7. You admire every Beard that comes your way

For Pogonophile, to be walking out on the streets, and seeing a beard and not admiring it, has a no chance to exist. You will go out of your way and will certainly admire the time and effort that person has put in to grow the beard.

Even for an introvert Pogonophile, you can’t resist to stop and appreciate the bearded guy, with whom you crossed the path on the street. You start to feel as if you have known that person for ages and you should certainly go out and meet them once. That is how much you have grown fond of beards.

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Wrapping Up

Do any of this signs resembles a lot with you? If yes, then don’t panic. There is no harm in being called as Pogonophile. Embrace the fact that you love beards and that you like to live in the company of it. If you find yourself occupied with one of the signs discussed above, read it again, and you might find 3 – 4 signs resembling with yourself.


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