Beard Communicates Confidence

7 Reasons Why Beard Communicates Confidence

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Do you know the writer of the TV series that took everyone by storm? Considered as one of the greatest shows to be run on TV, there are millions and millions of fans, who watch it all around the globe. However, we are not concerned about the writer of that TV show; we are talking about the writer of the book, on which that TV series is based on.

I assume you people would have been able to deduce the name of the person we are talking about. And for those who are still wondering, we are talking about the great George R. R. Martin. The show that we are referring is Game of Thrones.

Now, by any chance, if you would have had a glimpse of George R.R. Martin, you might have also noticed his beard. That full burgeoning beard, captivating the mind and heart of many and taking millions of people into the great of the world of, Game of Thrones.

Now we are not claiming that it was his beard that crafted out such a wonderful story, but it is quite possible that the confidence he gained from his beard to try different things, might have suggested him to come up the fantasy story about the King’s Throne.

No doubt George R.R. Martin always had the great world of fantasy hidden inside him, but who knows, that it was his beard, which inspired his confidence to start penning this thought to an astonishing story. And once the story was out, maybe it was his beard, which the writer of the TV show, Game of Thrones, decide to put their hands up and turned the book in a drama thriller of the century.

If you don’t know, the writer of the show had so much confidence in George R.R. Martin, that even before completing the entire storyline, they decided to start the TV show. This was because they had confidence in George Martin, and maybe, just maybe, it was his beard that communicated the confidence in them.

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How Does Beard Communicates Confidence?

We’ve already discussed the various benefits that beard has to offer to mankind in terms of physical and mental health. However, beards not only increase your sex appeal amongst your female counterparts, but they also help you to communicate confidence in people around you. Making you feel more confident is one of the extra side effects, which beards can impose upon you.

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1. It Demands an Alpha Male Mindset

Growing a beard is no joke. And while in the process of growing of facial hairs, it establishes you as an individual who is confident and independent in the choices you make. Once you have the beard, the world will look at you as a strong man and someone who owns the world around themselves. You become a more confident person in the eyes of others because when you take a decision, to stick with them. And your beard is an assurance of it.

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2. It makes you Feel More Mature

More than half of the people in the room will raise their hands, if asked, whether or not they want to race towards their adulthood, in their childhood. Let’s face it. We wanted to grow older fast, so that people around us, gives us more importance, rather than neglecting our opinion, solely because we were a kid.

Being there done that, we all have spent a lot of time trying to look older than our age. But the key to that is a beard. High school kid, who has a beard is perceived more mature than compared to the clean-shaven guy, who probably is more intelligent than the bearded guy. But then, that is the way people think about bearded men.

So if you are one of those, who want to be termed as more mature and you want your opinion to be considered by older people in your home, than you must certainly try the bearded look.

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3. It Enhances Your Sex Appeal

Every other study that has been conducted on beards will definitely claim that beards help to increase your sex appeal amongst the female counterparts. This statement is made as if it had become a norm. But then, it also holds truth inside it.

This has been proven over and over again, and there is no denying to the fact that, beards indeed increase your chances of getting an incredible and attractive lady in your life. As previously said, women’s do consider men with beards to be more romantic. Thus the fact, that men with beards have greater sex appeal than the cleanly shaven personality.

So the next time you visit a club, wait and record the time it took for a lady to recognize your presence in the crowd. You don’t have to approach her, and she will definitely come and speak to you, provided you have a classic beard look.

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4. It makes you Seem Intimidating

There have some research studies that show that men with beards are more intimidating as compared to the clean shaved men. This is because of the reason that, men with beards have that natural style and swag inside them. And when you walk on the streets with swag and style, people tend to fear because of the intimidating factor that it brings along.

Also, if you are high school kid, who gets bullied by a bunch of Kids in the college, try growing your facial hairs. The bunch of nerds will think twice before messing up with you. And the same goes for a working employee as well.

If your boss is too dominating on you, give him a bearded look, and he will know his place. The dominance will quickly be turned into respect, and the hostility will be shifted from his side to yours. Take our word for it. It is the magic of beard that changes the way people perceive and look at you.

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5. It makes you look Confident in your Grooming Habits

Having and developing a beard is a work of great responsibility, care, and proper grooming skills. There are genuinely a lot of things that go into growing a high-class beard. To be able to shape it, condition it with beard oils and balms and shampoos, one need to pay a lot of attention to the tools and equipment you select for your beard grooming routine.

And if you are not confident and don’t know the inside out of growing and maintaining a beard, that you can never have the beard that you desired for.

But if you do know the in and out of it, there is no reason, why people won’t reckon the time, effort and confidence you had in your beard. They will simply know it by looking at it. You won’t even have to say a word for it. People will know, that you know what you are doing and that you are doing it with confidence.

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6. It makes you look Masculine

Beards can even make an average grown man appear to be fully grown up. There is something to beard that gives the perception of you being physically powerful and the beast in the making. And if you have that boyish face, which gets pinched at every other family gathering, then boy, the beard is the best thing that you can do, to avoid it.

Once you have the beard, no one in those regular family gathering will dare to pinch your face and say, “How Cute!”
Beards give you an appearance and certainly adds to your masculinity. So let that facial hair grow, and allow your beard to communicate the power that you behold inside you.

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7. It Increases your Social Status

When a bearded guy walks down the aisle, people tend to perceive a lot of thing about the person. And out of the thousand things, that they think, one is your social status. It doesn’t matter whether you belong to higher social status or not, but if you have a beard and an unknown guy passes by you, he will definitely going to think that you come from an elite group of people and have greater social status.

Not only they think that you have a higher status in the society, but they also believe that you are more respected in the community as compared to the cleanly shaved personality. So decide, which fraternity you want to be a part of.

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Wrapping Up

From Abraham Lincoln to George R.R. Martin, both of these personalities have great beards. Now we don’t certainly know that beard was the reason behind their success, but it certainly played a part in the way people perceived them. And with the list of reason, of why beard communicates confidence, there is no denying that beard was one of the factors that people believed more in their thoughts.


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