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7 Proven Ways To Kill Beard Dandruff

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Even the most burgeoning beards out there are getting swallowed by the beard dandruff. Let’s face it. No one can get away from the flaky white dandruff. We’ve been there, and we understand the plight of you all who came to this article looking for an answer to the beard dandruff problem. But don’t you worry. It isn’t something that cannot be worked on and get rid of. More than half of the population suffer from dandruff, head or beard. You are certainly not all alone in it.

But before we jumped to the cure let’s first know how you get the beard dandruff and how to identify if you are suffering from this problem.

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What Causes Beard Dandruff

Beard dandruff can occur because of fungal infection and dry skin. Fungal infection is due to the yeast present on the skin and which gets hide away from the sunlight. This eventually kills the growth of facial hair. There’s quite an irony with fungal infections. Fungal infection tends to spread more as the facial hair grows larger and wider. You can get rid of facial hair and dandruff by shaving, but then you won’t have a beard. And that becomes an irony.

Dandruff also appears because of the dryness of the skin. Skin becomes dry when it is washed with harsh soaps and cleaners. Yes, it does clean up the facial hair. But it also removes any presence of oil on the beard, which in turn makes your skin dry. And if you live in a cold place or country, the skin becomes dry even more quickly.

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How to Identify If You Are Suffering From Beard Dandruff

Though it’s not rocket science to determine if you see flakes in your beard that you are suffering from beard dandruff. However, sometimes it’s not that evident. So we are mentioning some points here that’ll help you find out if you have beard dandruff or not.

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1. Flakes In Your Beard

As mentioned above if you see white flakes in your beard you definitely have a dandruff problem. These flakes are basically your skin cells which shed from your skin.

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2. Itchy Beard

Itching is the basic response of our body towards any kind of irritation. Dandruff being one triggers the same reaction. Itching is JUST an early warning sign of dandruff before flakes start to appear.

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3. Redness

Irritated skin usually appears red, and the skin under your beard is no different. So take a close look in the mirror to see if your skin looks more red than usual.

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4. Dryness

Dandruff damages skin cells and steals the moisture away from it, leaving a dry skin surface behind. So if you’re one of those people who doesn’t moisturize your beard then keep a close eye and notice if your skin becomes drier than the usual.

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Tips for Getting Rid of Beard Dandruff

We left no stone unturned in finding a solution to beard dandruff and have compiled this list of proven 7 ways to kill the beard dandruff. So without further ado let’s learn what these 7 ways to get rid of beard dandruff are and start implementing them.

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1. Use Beard Oil

Beard oil is the essential thing to have in your grooming kit. For a beard holder, beard oil can be reckoned as a friend. And the most necessary one as well. It helps to moisturize the beard and keep it hydrated. Beard oil certainly reduces dandruff and is known to prevent itching too. Using the oil on the beards adds moisture to the skin and prevent the surface of the skin from drying up.

You must apply beard oil on the beards at least four times a week. You can even apply it every day. Make use of the beard oil once you have taken a bath and dried up the facial hair completely. Use a beard brush in case you have a long beard to apply the oil evenly throughout the bearded area. It remains to be one of the most beard dandruff fighting solutions for many beards out there.

There are even beard oils that are manufactured specially to combat the problem of beard dandruff, you can buy them, or if you want to make the beard oil that helps to cure beard dandruff, you can find a DIY beard oil recipe for beard dandruff here.

Ok, so the beard oil is the most talked and one of the most effective way to work on around beard dandruff, however, is not the only solution. We are listing the other solutions that you might want to look at.

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2. Use Beard Balm

Similar to beard oil, beard balm is a great antidote to fight against dandruff, and you must certainly keep it all the time in your grooming kit. It consists of all the essential ingredients which are necessary to maintain moisture in the facial hair and keep it hydrated. Beard balm is really suitable for people who have longer and denser beards. I mean, you are going to need a product that helps you keep each stray of facial hair intact and in place.

There are the whole bunch of beard balm products available out there, and almost everyone has beeswax, cocoa butter and another list of ingredients in it. Beard balm is more like lip balm when it comes to texture and consistency. It is a smooth paste which is easy to spread along the beaded area.

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3. Use Shampoo or Soap to Wash

Using the shampoo on the beard is same as using the shampoo on your head. After all, there are hardly any different. However, the product you use may differ for beards and heads. The product which is good for head might not be suitable for beards.

By using shampoo on the beard, you wash off any harsh chemical or even dust which might be present on your beard. Beard shampoo also cleans off the dead skin that causes irritation in the beard and makes it smooth.

Do not use shampoo every day. It might strip off essential oil contents in the beard which helps it keep hydrated. Try and use it at least 3-4 times a week for maintaining good health conditions of your beards.

There are no specific product recommendations here, but you can look at different shampoo specifically made for the beard, or you can use baby shampoos. Medicinal Shampoos are also a good option that you may want to explore. Same goes with the soaps. Any mild soap will be good enough for washing your beard.

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4. Use Beard Brush

Brushing the beards with a brush helps to eliminate dandruff by bringing them on the surface of the beards. It also helps in growth of facial hair and reduces unwanted hair loss. It keeps the facial hair hassle free and easy to clean, groom and style. Do not stop after brushing the beard. Take a shower to remove dandruff from the beards and then dry it up and apply some oil or beard balm to it.

The beard brush improves the quality and texture of the beards by removing curls, tangles, and knots. It will give the beard a conditional look. It is important to know that beard brush alone won’t be able to remove dandruff. However, it still remains a critical part of dealing with beard dandruff. You need to follow the entire process of dealing with dandruff. So take a shower and apply some beard oil, once you brush your beard.

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5. Natural Remedies

If you think that the chemicals and other man-made products are not good enough to take proper care of your beard, then you might need to have a look at what nature has to offer to take care of your beard. Here are few of the things that nature has to offer for your beard.

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A. Aloe Vera –

It is a natural remedy and the most fantastic medicine that nature has provided to mankind. You can use Aloe Vera in many of the skin related products. They are also quite commonly found in various skin care related products. The richness of Aloe Vera can be seen in the number of advantages that it has to offer.

Among the various properties of Aloe Vera, the one that should intrigue the beard lovers is soothing, glowing and healing. It reduces the dryness in the skin and removes the itchiness. It has various minerals and vitamins that maintain the natural skin tone.

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B. Water –

Survival without water will be solely impossible on Earth. It is no secret that water is the lifeline for mankind. And it has its very own advantages and is simply irreplaceable. Drink bunch loads of water helps to remove toxins from the body thus reducing the dandruff contents on the body. It also helps to keep the body dehydrated, and thus the body doesn’t get dried up quickly.

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C. Lemons–

Lemons contains citric acid that helps to remove flaky skin and thus reducing dandruff on the bearded region. Taking a glass of lemon juice, water and honey together may have various advantages that might be helpful in eliminating dandruff from the beards.

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6. Reduced Stress

We all have that love-hate relationship with stress and life would be next to impossible without stress :D. We all have our own share of stress to deal with in this life. Few people might be worried about jobs and money, and few might be worried about their love life. It is no secret that everyone has some kind of stress-related issues. We cannot eliminate it. But we can certainly reduce it.

Having proper food, sleeping well at night, spending quality time with friends and family, will certainly help you to reduce stress in your life. Apart from that 30 minutes of workout or yoga can help in reducing stress. Reduced amount of stress will keep your mind fresh and make your skin glow. If you have the good skin tone, you won’t have flakes disturbing your bearded life. Thus maintain a healthy balance between work and stress, to live a healthy and bearded life.

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7. Use Lactic Acid Cleanser

Lactic acid is a natural acid which is derived from milk, fruits, and vegetables. Thus it will be found in many skin care products as one of the major ingredients. You will get lactic acid in the content segments of anti-aging products and creams. Lactic acid is gentle for skin and soothes the surface area of the skin by hydrating it. Make use of the products that have lactic acid in it, and you will see that the white flakes are no longer hovering over your beard.

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Wrapping Up

Beard grooming is an important aspect to have great beards. There isn’t anything that comes for free in this life. Everything has a price, and proper grooming methods are the price to have great beards. Use beard oil to bring back smoothness to your skin. Allow proper brushing on the beards to help reduce dandruff. Take a shower with lukewarm water immediately after brushing and use some beard balm to groom it properly. Make use of shampoo during the shower, so that beard will not cause any irritation or itchiness on the skin.

Remember to soak the facial hair properly, before applying any kind of oil and balm to it. You can even try the natural remedies provided by nature to help flourish your beards. Aloe Vera has unique medicinal contents that have so many advantages which are yet to be found. Use one of the many techniques described above in the post to have and to achieve – a dandruff free beard life.

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