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11 Amazing Beard Clubs Around The World

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The beard clubs celebrate and support the styling, growing, and grooming of beards. Clubs of such nature promotes bearded brotherhood and encourages to grow a beard. The beard clubs are present in abundance all around the world and chances are good that you might find one near you as well. There is no need for you to grow beard alone when your beard can prosper amongst the affable brotherhood. In this post, we will discuss about different beard clubs all around the world.

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1. The British Beard Club

Founded in 2008, The British Beard Club is the first club of its kind based in the United Kingdom. It is a social club that promotes, advances, and helps anyone who wants to grow beards. The members of the clubs meet in person and in groups all over the country. The club is also involved in fundraising campaigns for social causes and donates the raised money to charities.

Presently, they have over 650 members in the club who come from all walks of the life. They have a regular monthly meetup to enjoy food, conversation and to make new friends. Anyone over 16 years, can join the group and take part in their social gatherings.

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2. Toronto Facial Hair Club

The ticket to be a member of the Toronto Facial Hair Club is to never talk about shaving. Apart from this, there isn’t any rules and regulations to be followed. The members of the club meetup once in a month and travel together to take part in beer competitions, which is for charity purposes.

They like to drink beer, talk about beards and take part in axe throwing. Yes, you heard it right. The club has their very own axe throwing league. Anyone can be a part of the club provided you drink loads of beer and never ever speak about shaving.

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3. American Mustache Institute

Founded in 1965, the American Mustache Institute is one of the prominent group that fights against any discriminatory culture against the people of mustache heritage. The group follows a masculine and rigged lifestyle and is headquartered in Pittsburg, PA.

The group is known to fight for understanding, saving and accepting all Americans mustached people.
They fight for discrimination but do not discriminate themselves in between mustaches and beards. So yes, they welcome people with beards with open arms and warmth. Anyone, who has a love for beards and mustaches can join the group.

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4. Brotherhood of Mustaches and Beards (B.O.M.B)

Founded in 2011, Brotherhood of Mustaches and Beards is a group of like-minded people who started with the aim to break stereotypes regarding mustaches and beards in the society. In 2014, B.O.M.B became a voting member of World Beard and Moustache Association. The group hosts an annual competition for beard lovers that brings people from all over the world on a single platform.

The money raised through such competitions is donated to the various charitable organization, which are working hard for good causes. They seem to believe to have achieved their objectives of conveying the message regarding beards in the society and breaking free the stereotypes about it.

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5. Austin Facial Hair Club

Founded in 2007, the goal of the Austin Facial Hair Club was to represent the United States in World Beard and Moustache Competition. The group has won various medals which include two gold medals in the world championship in Austria. They drive their motives with the aim to spread awareness among people and encourage likeminded enthusiasts.

They believe in having a good time, making friends, winning competitions and drinking loads of beers. The group is open to man and women of all age. Join and aim to leave your mark on the world stage in pursuit of great beards.

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6. Mad Viking Beard Club

Founded in 2014, Mad Viking is a place for beards lovers and enthusiasts. The intention of the group is to spread awareness and online beard experience to people around the world. They also have a huge range of beard products available to help nourish your beards. They believe that bearded people tend to leave a positive impact on the world. They want to be a trendsetter in the beard industry by working towards the bearded future.

The members of the club come together to eat, converse and nourish their beards with each other’s experience. They raise money for charities by conducting different beards competition. The group is wide open for everyone who wishes to join.

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7. The Handlebar Club

Founded in 1947, The Handlebar Club was formed at Windmill Theatre in London. The aim of the club was to bring together a group of people having mustaches. The members of the club meet on each Friday to have fun and work together to raise money for great causes. Presently, they specifically work for small children’s charity.

One of the famous mustache clubs in the United Kingdom, the club is open to all age group. Join the prestigious group if you’re are nearby and get in the act to do some great work of the social cause.

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8. The Irish Beard and Moustache Club

It is good to be a member of a group where all enjoy each other’s camaraderie. The club is for the beard and mustache lovers and their families. They support and provide helpful tips to nourish your beard and be a part of its emphatic journey. They know the ins and outs of having and maintaining a beard, and thus there’s no better place to go if you need some tips.

They do a regular meetup and enjoy great food along with funny conversations. They are not much involved in the fundraising campaign, but they like to spread awareness about beards and mustaches.

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9. The Wessex Beardsmen

Founded in 2013, over a pint of beer in England, it is a group of similar minded people who support each other, enjoys social gatherings and wins beards competition. They not only have fun but also support social causes and donates the money raised through competitions and other different channels. They believe in the moto to live in the presence of great camaraderie. Nourish your beards journey with The Wessex Beardsmen club. The club is wide open for men and women who want to promote facial hair in the society.

Regardless of their race, age and culture the beards men club invite everyone to join them and work for the betterment of the society.

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10. The Kansas City Beard and Moustache Club

Founded in late 2011, The Kansas City Beard and Moustache Club was formed with the aim to promote facial hair and awareness in the society. They wanted to contribute to the progress of the community by providing charities, community and volunteering service. The members of the club meet on the first Monday of every month to discuss the go ahead.

They do not discriminate between people with beards and people who do not have beards. Thus the group is open to all, provided you share the same enthusiasm as amongst the people in the club. Just fill the form on their website, and they will be in touch with you.

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11. The Cincinnati Beard Barons

The Beard Barons is a compelling group of enthusiasts whose aim is to leave to Cincinnati in a better position than what they found it in. It is a diverse group of people who want to promote Cincinnati area and do a whole bunch of good things for the city. They welcome everyone, with or without beards, provided they believe in good and doing good for others.

The members of the club participate in competitions and do charities from the money raised through such events. They believe in growing beards and then showing them to the world. Regardless of color, sex, and age, the group encourages everyone to join them in their continuous hustle for the society.

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12. BeardMan Club

I know, the list was supposed to talk about only 11 Beard Clubs around the world, however, I would not miss an opportunity to talk about BeardMan club.

We noticed that there is enthusiasm among Indians about the beard, but there is a lack of suitable platform. Just to fill this gap we founded BeardMan club in October 2017, the aim of BeardMan Club is to raise awareness about the Facial hair among Indians. The club conducted first ever online beard competition in India in November 2017. You can any time sign up for the next online beard competition.

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Wrapping Up

Beards are fun when you don’t have to grow it all alone. Much to the audacity of these beard clubs who promote and encourage people of all age, groups, and ethnicity to join them and spread awareness all around the world.

These beard clubs believe in breaking the stereotypes in the society about facial hair and at the same time work for the betterment of the community through their continuous support for various charities. These different beard clubs attend and host various competitions and all the money raised through such events is donated to the charities and welfare of their people. Be a part of such group that believes in leaving the place in a better position than what they found it in, and the same time has some fun, beers and truly amazing BEARDS.

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